How do I Choose the Best Gazebo Curtains?

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If you have a gazebo in your backyard, you may want to consider hanging curtains on it. Doing so can make the structure more attractive, especially if you plan to use it while entertaining. It can also protect the gazebo from the elements, allowing you to enjoy it in various types of weather. There are a number of different gazebo curtain choices. Assessing your aesthetic preferences, the goal of the curtains, and your budget will help make the gazebo curtain selection process easier.

There are many different fabric choices for gazebo curtains. Canvas, vinyl, and mosquito netting are all popular choices. All three materials are excellent at keeping out insects, and both canvas and vinyl are good at keeping out rain, which will allow you to enjoy your gazebo during inclement weather. Although many homeowners favor canvas and vinyl curtains for their waterproofing abilities, brightly colored vinyls and canvas can sometimes fade when placed in direct sunlight. Consider these things when deciding what type of material you would like for the curtains.

If you are looking for curtains which provide privacy as well as insect control, you may want to choose a heavy pair of gazebo curtains. Often, homeowners hang both a heavier curtain and then add netting on the inside. This can allow you to open the outer curtains when you want to let a breeze in while still keeping out insects, and close them if you want privacy or shade.


You may need a heavy-duty curtain rod to hold your gazebo curtains in place, since they may weigh more than other types of draperies. Check the opening at the top of the curtains and make sure they are large enough to allow a wide curtain rod to be inserted through it. This section should be at least two inches (5.08 cm) wide. You may also want to look at the stitching at the top of the curtain to make sure it is not too loose, so you can be sure it will hold securely.

Gazebo curtains can sometimes be held in place by attaching a piece of Velcro® to the bottom of them, then placing another strip on the bottom of the window. This is often done to keep rain or insects from entering the structure as well as for privacy. The use of Velcro® makes it easier to remove the curtains for cleaning. Many commercially-sold gazebo curtains come with Velcro® fasteners included.


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