How Do I Choose the Best Game Meat?

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There are many types of game meat to consider when making a choice about the right one for you. Venison, elk, rabbit, and alligator are some varieties, but there are others available as well. When making a choice, you should think about the type of meal that you want to serve, the availability of game meat in your area, and your budget. Personal preference will help you decide which variety you find tastiest and most appealing.

Some types of game meat are red meat while others are lighter in flavor and color. If you generally enjoy eating red meat, you should stick with venison, elk and bison. Other options are moose or bear.

Lighter types of game meat include most birds such as pheasant, dove, and ostrich. Alligator, rattlesnake, and rabbit are additional choices. Wild boar is also considered a lighter variety, however, game meat is sometimes placed in a separate category from red or white meat due to the fact that it is different from both of them.


Your budget and the occasion are also important factors when selecting the best choice of meat. Prices range considerably depending on the variety, and can be higher if the meat is not local to the area in which you live. Talk to a butcher to find out about sourcing game meat that is local to your area to help save money, and look in specialty stores. It might be possible to find special types of game meat on the Internet if you cannot find them locally, though this might be cost-prohibitive for some people. Hunting is always an option, but make sure that you check hunting seasons and regulations before proceeding.

The best game meat for you will be something that you enjoy eating. While it is difficult to tell in advance if you will like something, you can always choose a game meat that you have enjoyed in the past as a safety precaution. Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to attempt to cook something that you have never cooked before when serving it to guests, as it could turn out wrong and ruin your meal. Consider cooking a product at least one time before serving it at a dinner party. Cooking times for different meats and recipes vary, so consult with your butcher or the Internet to find a way to serve it that you will be happy with.


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