How Do I Choose the Best Futon?

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Choosing the best futon will depend on style and design, intended use, size, and cost. Futons come with metal frames, wooden frames, or foldable frameless designs, and there are both indoor and outdoor futons available for different home decorating needs. Your budget may determine which design and materials will best suit your needs, and versatility and comfort should also be kept in mind.

The two main styles of futon are bi-fold, which fold in half, and tri-fold, which fold into thirds. Bi-fold futons are generally most commonly used to double as chairs and couches, while tri-fold futons are used primarily for sleeping, but can also be folded into seating arrangements. Your style preferences, as well as frame material, futon fabric, colors, and patterns will determine which design will work best with your other home décor. Many futons will also come with interchangeable covers that can be swapped for an updated design and washed to remove potential stains.


The intended use of the futon should be determined before purchase. Outdoor futons that will primarily serve as extra seating should ideally have sturdy frames and weather-resistant covers. People purchasing indoor futons that will be used for sleeping should prioritize comfort and general durability. Metal frames tend to work better for outdoor use because they are waterproof and can last through bursts of bad weather, whereas wooden frames are ideal for indoor use to balance durability and aesthetic design. If you intend to frequently convert your futon from seating to sleep space, you should test how easy and safe it is to make those transitions.

Size is another important consideration, and most futons are designed to support either one or two sleepers. Double futons usually offer seating space for three people when in couch form, while single futons generally fold into a chair that can seat one person. It might also be helpful to take the measurements of the space you’d like to place the futon to see which dimensions will work best.

Your budget should also be considered, and you should take into account the cost, quality, and durability of futons in your price range. Futons can range in cost from under $100 US Dollars (USD) for basic designs or used furniture to upwards of $1,000 USD for high-end designs. Many companies will sell the mattress and frame separately, allowing you to better allocate your budget. Considering these various factors can help you choose the best design and highest quality for your budget.


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