How do I Choose the Best Fruit Fly Traps?

S. Gonzales

Fruit fly traps are often a last resort for home owners who are suffering from an infestation of fruit flies. There are patented-designed fruit fly traps on the market that you can purchase, but fruit fly traps can also be created at home using common materials. If you have a jar, dish soap and vinegar, beer or a piece of fruit, and maybe plastic wrap or a plastic bag, you have everything that is necessary to make an effective fruit fly trap.

Fruit flies.
Fruit flies.

There are fruit fly traps that you can buy from stores that can help you get rid of these pests. The traps usually are made out of nontoxic materials and are designed to trap the fruit flies within containers. These devices claim to to ease fruit fly infestation, but you should be aware that you can get rid of fruit flies on your own and without the need to purchase anything special.

Red wine vinegar, which can attract fruit flies into a trap.
Red wine vinegar, which can attract fruit flies into a trap.

One of the simplest fruit fly traps involves a jar, dish soap and a liquid that will attract the fruit flies. Cider vinegar can work, but so can beer or red wine vinegar. To create a trap that will be irresistible to fruit flies, simply pour enough liquid to coat the bottom of the jar. Then, mix a drop or two of dish soap into it. Leave it next to the fruit flies, and watch them collect in the jar.

If you don't happen to have cider vinegar, beer or red wine vinegar at home, you can also consider using the same trap with a few modifications. Instead of the liquid, you'll need a piece of fruit and some plastic wrap and a rubber band. Put the piece of fruit into the jar, place the plastic wrap over the top of the jar and fasten the wrap down around the edges with a rubber band. Poke a few holes into the plastic wrap and leave the jar near the fruit flies. The fruit flies will find their way into the jar, but they'll have difficulty finding their way out.

Another twist on the above method includes using a plastic bag with a zipper and piece of fruit. Simply put the piece of fruit inside of the plastic bag and leave the bag unzipped. Let the fruit flies find their way into the plastic bag and allow them to collect in it. This is one of the more humane fruit fly traps, because once all of the fruit flies gather inside of the bag, you can take the bag outside and free them, if you please. Be sure to properly discard the plastic bag afterward.

Some people use fly paper to help control fruit fly infestations.
Some people use fly paper to help control fruit fly infestations.

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