How Do I Choose the Best Frozen Pomegranate?

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Pomegranates are a popular fruit that are indigenous to the Middle East, but they are enjoyed in virtually all regions of the world. Since the fruit cannot grow in certain climates, many people purchase frozen pomegranates. Generally, the best frozen fruit should be seeded so that you can use the pomegranates immediately. Many frozen food manufacturers add syrups and sugars to fruits in an effort to increase the overall flavor; however, such choices are not as healthy as pomegranates packed in their own natural juices. If you purchase pomegranates at your local grocery store, you also have the option of freezing them yourself.

Frozen pomegranate is a way to enjoy this particular fruit year-round, whether it grows in your region or not. Typically, you can buy fresh pomegranates from the store during the late autumn and early winter months. Since the window of opportunity to buy the pomegranate is so small, many consumers choose frozen fruit as a viable alternative.

When food manufacturers freeze pomegranate, they often cut and seed the fruit so that the product can be packaged easily. Purchasing pre-cut and seeded frozen pomegranate also saves you the step of having to complete these two processes. Since whole pomegranates also need to have their skins removed, buying sliced and ready frozen fruit is the best way to save time and effort. If you prefer to have the whole fruits, then you can choose products from food manufacturers that freeze pomegranates immediately after picking them.


Some versions of frozen fruit often contain added sugars and syrups in order to enhance the flavors. When some food companies freeze pomegranates, they add these items to the mixture prior to packaging. Although this type of product might taste better, it is not necessarily the best to choose because it is usually not as healthy. In order to purchase pure pomegranate, look for frozen packages that do not list any added sugars and syrups in their ingredient labels.

Purchasing pomegranates in bulk can save you money, and you can also freeze them on your own when necessary. Many consumers purchase fruit in bulk at the grocery store or a farmer’s market only to find that they cannot use the food before it spoils. The best way to prepare frozen pomegranate is to place the whole fruit in an airtight bag, and to then seed it after defrosting. While this fruit can be refrigerated for two months, frozen pomegranate can last for one year.


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