How Do I Choose the Best Frieze Carpet?

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Frieze carpet is a durable carpet that falls into the cut pile carpet category. The difference between frieze and other types of cut pile carpet is that the carpet threads are twisted very tightly almost to the point that they bend over. As a result, it looks like what used to be known as shag carpet. When choosing the carpet, consider the price, the quality, and the material that it's made of.

As it is very durable, frieze carpet can easily withstand high foot traffic with little or no matting or wearing of the carpet fibers. It is useful for rooms that get a lot of use, such as children's rooms, family rooms, and hallways. The structure hides dirt well and does not show foot prints or leave behind vacuum marks.

Price is an important element when choosing carpet, as it can be quite expensive. Setting a budget before shopping is a good idea. The cost of carpet varies depending on the retailer, manufacturer, the type, and its composition. High quality carpets made of quality materials, such as wool, are more expensive than low quality carpets.


Quality and density go hand in hand in dictating the price of carpet. Density is determined by how close together the carpet fibers are, and a carpet with high density is a softer, fuller carpet that will last longer. To check carpet density, bend the carpet sample back to see how hard or easy it is to access the carpet backing. A density scale is used to show how many fibers fall within the range and the closer the two numbers are, the higher the density.

Carpets can be made from wool, nylon, and other materials, such as olefin. Generally, wool is the most expensive, while polyester and olefin are on the cheaper end of the price scale. Frieze is relatively durable on its own, but choosing a high quality carpet will ensure that it lasts longer. Lower quality options may save you money on the initial cost, but it won't last as long, so you'll likely end up paying for new carpet more quickly. Adding stain-repellent or choosing an anti-stain carpet will further prolong the life of your carpet as well.

Once you have picked the type of frieze carpet you want, the last choice to make is color. Frieze comes in a multitude of solid colors, including different shades of beige, blue, red, and green. It can also be multi-colored or speckled with several different shades of coordinating colors. Multi-colored carpet will hide dirt and soil more easily than solid colors. When choosing the color of the carpet, evaluate the room or rooms in which it will be placed and coordinate the color with the existing wall colors, decor, and furnishings.


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