How Do I Choose the Best French Garage Doors?

Anna B. Smith

To choose the best french garage doors, homeowners should select a look that compliments the exterior of the home and a design that remains within their budget. These doors may be custom designed to match the home perfectly, or selected from a catalog of prefabricated designs that are constructed on a universal sizing system. The doors may hinge open towards the outside, or pull up in sections and be housed in the roof of the garage. Each type of construction offers unique benefits to the homeowner, and is associated with a varying cost for both materials and installation.

Garages make up a large percentage of a home’s appearance and have often been an overlooked element of a home’s design.
Garages make up a large percentage of a home’s appearance and have often been an overlooked element of a home’s design.

Traditional french garage doors are double doors that are designed to open away from the center of the door space from opposite set hinges. This style of door is typically purchased through special ordering from garage door manufacturers and through online ordering. Homeowners can view different materials and construction details through a mail order or online catalog to determine which style of door best suits the look of their homes. These unique garage doors are often constructed to fit predetermined sizing charts, however, most manufacturers are willing to provide customized doors for their clients in unique situations as necessary for a higher price.

The different types of available styles are often fashioned from wood and wrought iron to recreate the atmosphere of provincial France. Wrought iron detailing, combined with tempered glass work, may adorn the exterior of many of these doors to create an intricate pattern of vines and leaves. The primary purpose of these doors is to improve the overall appearance of the home, while serving in functionality to protect the homeowner's cars and belongings. Outward opening french garage doors require a greater amount of clearing space on the exterior of the home than overhead sectional garage doors to allow both doors to hinge away from the garage fully. A specialized garage door opener may also be needed to force the doors open on a hinge principle, instead of pulling the door upwards into the roof of the garage, as traditional openers are designed to do.

Individuals who desire the appearance of french garage doors, but wish to minimize the cost of their materials, may benefit by purchasing traditional garage doors that have been given a faux finish. These doors operate in a manner identical to traditional roll-up garage doors that have been built in sections. They are usually constructed of aluminum, steel, and polycarbonate window panes to provide the appearance of patio french doors. Many designs include faux door handles set at mid-height on the exterior of these doors. This type of faux french door can operate using a traditional remote entry opener, and does not require specialized hardware to assemble, or extended outside clearance.

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