How Do I Choose the Best French Dresser?

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It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the style and design of the French dresser before going out shopping for one. Be able to recognize the common characteristics of this style of dresser, and if you are considering purchasing an antique French dresser, be sure to do some research to find out the common market values of pieces from certain eras. Be able to recognize damage to the unit as well, as antiques are likely to have signs of age and daily use. Damage should not necessarily discourage you from purchasing the dresser, but you should be aware of it so you can factor in refurbishing costs.

While a French dresser can vary in design, one of the most common styles is the double French dresser. This means there are two columns of drawers, usually three drawers in each column. The dresser will therefore be fairly wide in some cases, so you will need to measure the space in which you intend to place the French dresser to make sure you have enough space for it. Write down the measurements of the space and compare them to the dimensions of the dresser units you are considering purchasing. Think, too, about how much clothing or other items you will be storing in the dresser to get an idea of your storage needs.


French dresser units are very often white or cream-colored. Be sure to choose a design that suits your aesthetic needs, and remember that the dresser or dressers should fit the overall decor of the room in which the dressers will be placed. Many people choose to purchase a dresser set or even an entire bedroom furniture set so the white or cream colors on the dressers all match each other and even other furniture such as bed headboards. The initial purchase price of a set will be higher than simply buying an individual piece, but when compared to the purchase price of several individual pieces, you are likely to save money on a set rather than individual units.

Consider a French dresser with a vanity mirror attached. The mirror's frame is often decorative and scalloped, much like the dresser itself, to create a consistent aesthetic. A vanity mirror is useful and attractive, and it can even brighten up a room or make it seem larger than it actually is. Remember that the mirror will need to be secured to the dresser effectively to prevent it from wobbling or falling.


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