How Do I Choose the Best Freezer-Safe Container?

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A freezer-safe container is a storage product that allows food to be frozen for long periods without spoiling or getting freezer burn. There are several commercial products designed for this task with different form factors, and some of these containers also may be used when re-heating food in a microwave oven. When choosing a freezing method, it is important to consider what types of food will be frozen, how long the food will be frozen and how much space is available in the freezer. Some cooks prefer to use a combination of plastic or aluminum wrapping along with another container to help protect frost-sensitive items.

There are several basic types of freezer-safe containers that are appropriate for almost any kitchen. Freezer bags, which come in several sizes, can store a variety of foods and liquids for long periods and, when used properly, do not take up extra space. These types of bags are excellent at holding liquids such as leftover soup or stocks and are easy to label with a permanent marker. Some brands have seals designed for easier opening and closing, a convenient feature when forcing extra air out of the bag. Freezer bags are often used in conjunction with a stand-alone freezer to save fresh garden vegetables through the fall and winter months.


Rigid plastic containers are a popular option for freezing and re-heating leftovers. These containers can be divided into two categories: durable, hard-plastic products that stand up to years of heavy use and less expensive, temporary containers. Both kinds of products are usually safe in the dishwasher, microwave oven and freezer. The temporary freezer-safe container is useful when giving food to another person or sending items to school with a child. Both types come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and many cooks find it helpful to have an assortment on hand.

Other kinds of containers can be used for specific needs. An aluminum foil pan is often used as a freezer-safe container to store oven-ready dishes such as casseroles. People looking for long-term storage options may choose a vacuum-sealing system that will save space and help keep food fresh.

If money is tight, aluminum foil and plastic wrap can be used for freezer storage, provided the item is tightly wrapped and well insulated. These wraps are often used in conjunction with freezer bags to provide extra frost protection or to keep smaller items separate in a larger bag. Regardless of the type of freezer-safe container used, it is always important to keep track of when the food was frozen and make sure it is consumed or discarded before it spoils.


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