How do I Choose the Best Freeware Games?

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Some of the most popular freeware programs are games. The Internet provides many choices for those looking to download freeware games. Choosing specific games over others likely will depend on your computer's operating system, its memory capabilities and your preferences of types of games. The best freeware games are compatible with your computer system and your personal tastes.

First, determine what kind of operating system you have on your computer. Games are made to be played on specific platforms, and not all games can be installed on every operating system. Look for games that are compatible with the type of computer and operating system you have.

Find out how much available memory you have on your computer to devote to game installation and playing. Random-access memory (RAM) can be especially important when playing a game. Compare the requirements of the freeware game against your available memory. If you try to download a freeware game onto your computer without having enough memory present, the installation might fail, or the game might not function properly.

Look for freeware games that appeal to your preferences. Not all freeware games are basic. Complex strategy games, shooters, action games, role-playing games (RPG) and adventures can be offered as freeware. Know that you don't have to settle for one specific type of game, either. With a little research, you can find hybrids of game types.


If you're a gamer who requires great graphics in your games, don't fret. Many freeware games offer impressive graphics with vivid scenes and colors. Some of these games even are comparable to widely available commercial games. As technology advances more, freeware games are becoming more sophisticated. You should know that it probably will be easier to find free games that have average graphics, though.

Coming across freeware games can be as easy as conducting an Internet search for them. These games can be free to use and distribute, so they can be found in all corners of the Internet. Some websites exist solely to categorize and to organize free game options. New users can visit these directory-like websites and sort through game options easily.

Download freeware games from reputable websites. In addition, running games through security software before you play them can help you detect programs that are malicious. It's not uncommon to come across viruses hidden within game programs, so be careful when downloading.


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