How do I Choose the Best Free Text Alerts?

S. Gonzales

For some, free text alerts are an indispensable part of modern life. Instant delivery of information to a specified phone can make life easier for anyone who owns a cell phone, has a busy lifestyle and is constantly mobile. To choose the best free text alerts, a cell phone owner should consider his lifestyle and daily needs. Doing so can help him identify the most valuable types of text alerts to download.

Mobile banking apps provide customers with text alerts and emails about balances, payments and purchase activity.
Mobile banking apps provide customers with text alerts and emails about balances, payments and purchase activity.

The extremely mobile user may consider downloading immediate environment updates. For example, a user may request to receive free text alerts that inform him of real-time traffic conditions, weather changes and emergency news. By receiving these types of free text alerts, a user is able to remain aware of his surroundings even if he is not near a television or radio. In some instances, updates like these can be even more current than those that are typically found on televisions or radios.

Text message alerts can be used to remind consumers of impending payments.
Text message alerts can be used to remind consumers of impending payments.

Financially-minded individuals might be interested in free text alerts that help them track and manage their money. Stock market updates, gas prices and lottery results can all be delivered to a user's phone. Likewise, personal bank information can also be delivered as text. A user may be able to access his bank account and check his balance or monitor account activity through text alerts. In addition, daily texts providing money-managing tips can be received.

If a user's main concern is his career, he can choose text alerts that help him find the career of his dreams or keep the job he already has. Job tips and classified ads can aid a user to work towards his career goals. Alerts dedicated to stress relief and office jokes can be beneficial to both the job searcher and the job holder. Text alerts from alternative job websites like Craigslist can provide a user with more job opportunities than he would normally find using traditional methods like newspapers.

Some of the most popular types of free text alerts are those that are meant to entertain a cell phone owner. Text alerts that provide daily jokes, inspirational quotes, celebrity gossip, trivia, sports scores and fashion tips go over well with many cell phone users. Text alerts that are specific to a user's lifestyle and interests also are also commonly chosen. For instance, a user who is interested in health and fitness may request free text alerts that provide the user with fitness tips, healthy recipes or quotes that inspire him to live a healthier life.

For some individuals, free text alerts are an indispensable part of modern life.
For some individuals, free text alerts are an indispensable part of modern life.

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I have a busy commute to my job, and much of my work is done outside. The two text alerts I use most often are traffic alerts and weather changes.

My day always goes much smoother if I know ahead of time of any major traffic delays or detours because of construction. A text alert informing me of these changes has saved the day more than once.

The weather also plays a big part in my work and I like to know ahead of time if a rain storm is headed my way, or what time it will hit. Text alerts have also helped me be aware of those changes so I can make sure I have things done before the storm hits.

I get so used to relying on this technology, that if I run out of battery on my phone or don't have access to my phone for some reason, I feel really lost.


I do a lot of stock trading on a daily basis and always like to know what is going on with the market.

One of the brokerages I use will send me a text alert when a stock I am watching gets to a certain price. Once I get this text alert, then I can make a quick decision if I want to buy or sell the stock.

I also get company updates when earnings are released and other important information that might help me make an informed decision.

It is nice to know that I don't have to continually watch a certain stock price, but will automatically be alerted when it reaches a certain price point.


My husband is a big football fan and he signed up to receive free NFL text alerts. There was no charge to sign up for the service, but he is charged by our cell phone company for the texts that he receives.

This is not a big deal because he has an unlimited texting plan. He loves getting these text alerts - especially during the football season.

He can get game scores, top stories and information on fantasy football. If he doesn't have access to a TV to find out what is going on, these text alerts are one way he can stay on top of things.


Getting free jokes sent to my phone really helps me make it through the day. My job is really stressful, and receiving a random text to lighten the mood helps so much.

If the joke is really funny, I will send it on to my coworkers. I only send certain people specific jokes that I know fit with their type of humor. This improves the mood of the whole office, because happiness is contagious.

Luckily, my boss doesn’t mind me sending texts during work, as long as I get my job done. I get one joke per day, so he doesn’t stress about my cell phone usage.


I love receiving free text alerts about the traffic. From my home, I can take either the interstate or the back roads to work. The interstate is faster, but if for any reason there is a traffic jam, the back roads would definitely be quicker.

A bad wreck occurred on the interstate last week, and traffic was backed up for miles. I received a text alert while leaving my driveway, so I took the other route. I arrived at work on time, but my coworker who took the interstate was stuck in traffic for two hours.

For me, receiving text alerts about traffic is invaluable. I get paid by the hour, and before this service was available, I lost a lot of money by being late, through no fault of my own.


My brother signed up for free mobile text alerts regarding the weather. He has never gotten over his mental scars from the tornado that hit our neighborhood when we were young, and he gets extremely nervous during thunderstorms.

Anytime that a tornado watch or warning is issued for our county, he receives a text telling him the details of its location and whether hail, high winds, or an actual funnel cloud was spotted.

He works close to home, so if he gets a text alerting him to an actual tornado warning, he will leave work and go to his storm shelter. His boss is very understanding about his, having lived through the tornado himself.


I don’t want to get text alerts from every store that I shop at, but I did sign up for alerts from my favorite store. The clothing there can be kind of pricey, so I always wait for a sale before I go shopping.

I do get coupons from them in the mail, but sometimes, I like to plan ahead. Text alerts let me know about the sale before the coupons even arrive, so I can make arrangements to go to the store on a certain day.

The texts also provide me with a code to use when shopping online. I get the same discount with this code as I would get while shopping in the store.


I love getting free news text alerts and free sports text alerts. There is nothing better than staying on top of things in the world, and also knowing how my favorite teams are doing.

With the free news text alerts I can choose which kind of news I want them to send me. Pretty much I am only interested in the late breaking news about what is going on in the world.

When it comes to my sports, it is pretty amazing to have the scores sent to me when I am at work. There is no harm and checking on how things are doing when I get my coffee breaks.


The best free text alerts are really the ones that you are actually going to use. Anything that you are not going to actually use just becomes more spam for you to ignore.

I use free text message alerts to let me know when my favorite stores are having sales, and when some of my orders are about to be delivered. So many companies have free sms text alerts these days that there are always good ones to be found.

Also, if you find a company that sends coupons via their free text message alerts, you'll save a ton of cash. I am always getting great deals at all my favorite shops and restaurants.

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