How do I Choose the Best Free Payroll Software?

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Choosing the best free payroll software must be handled with careful consideration for how the software will be used. In order for payroll software to benefit the user, it needs to have the features that the software user will usually access to process payroll according to industry and legal guidelines. Failure to thoroughly evaluate free payroll software can produce disappointing and even damaging results, even if it is free to use initially.

The best free payroll software is often a trial version of software that can be purchased later for an affordable price. Choose a software package that allows testing before buying to reduce the chances of wasting valuable company money on something that won’t work well. Get software that includes built-in financial calculators, tax tables, payroll benefit deductions, easy-to-understand payroll forms, financial reports, check printing, and direct deposit functions for the most favorable results.

While free payroll software can work for a while to handle simple payroll tasks, it is generally not a long-term solution. Payroll management is a detailed set of tasks that require a reliable system for tracking income and payouts and a free software product is generally limited in its ability to handle all the functions. In addition, free payroll software can come with advertisements and even malware, which can harm computers.


When a company's technology budget is small, getting a free payroll software can be a good option to handle the general aspects of payroll management. Many times, a payroll function can be added for free or at a low cost to an existing accounting software system. Instead of keeping track of payroll on a complicated spreadsheet or by hand, free payroll software can offer a reasonable alternative. This can save payroll managers a substantial amount of time so that other important administrative concerns of the business can be managed efficiently.

Free payroll software and other low-cost options can be found easily by doing a general search on the Internet or by contacting a professional payroll administration company. When choosing the best free software to handle payroll functions, it’s wiser to select a service that has a good reputation for quality products and live telephone support in case any problems arise. In addition, getting free software that seamlessly integrates with existing payroll and accounting systems is a time saver.


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