How do I Choose the Best Free Blog Skin?

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A free blog skin is a type of design template that one may apply to a blog, to give it a more professional look, and make it easier for readers to navigate. There are many different free blog skins available for different blogging platforms, many of which can take only a moment to apply, and require no coding at all. To choose the best free blog skin, begin by considering the types of blogging you want to do.

A free blog skin might have a very simple, text-based design with minimal images. This might be a great choice for someone who primarily writes blog posts, but does not include other media, such as pictures or video. If you use widgets in your blog, or want to place items such as links or other information in the sidebar, it is best to look for a blog template that offers these options. Some blog templates offer one or two sidebars along the sides of the page, while others offer extra bars across the bottom.


Any type of sidebar design can be effective for communicating information. Keep in mind that if you will be putting advertisements in your sidebar, you will probably want to choose a free blog skin that offers this option near the top of the page, since readers are unlikely to scroll to the bottom of the page to click on an advertisement. Select a free blog skin with colors and design options that you like; many allow users to personalize the header image for the blog.

If you post a lot of media, such as pictures, music, or video, you may want to choose a free blog skin that is designed for this type of posting. It will be able to display the photos in an eye-catching way for visitors to the blog. If you are choosing a blog skin for a business website, be sure that it is very easy for customers to navigate, and be sure to read any caveats that come with the free blog skin. Many designers of free skins do not allow them to be used for business purposes.

Choosing a free blog skin should be a fun and easy way to change the look of your blog. You can change it as many times as you want before finding the one that looks best. Just keep searching until you find a blog skin that works well for your website.


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