How do I Choose the Best Forestry Program?

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Forestry is the art and science of managing and developing forests. This includes issues of environmental protection and preservation. To choose the best forestry program, you need to have an idea about which aspect of forestry you are particularly interested in. If you do not have such an idea, it is best to choose a program that provides a general introduction to the topic.

Students who choose to study forestry should be passionate about environmental studies. This means you should have a general ethical commitment to the environment and its conservation. A forestry program provides the necessary academic requirements for you to work in this diverse field.

Good programs will present forestry in terms of its ecological, biological and sociological significance. From an ecological perspective, the forest is an ecosystem that is a critical piece of the greater biosphere. Ecosystems are the shared system and habitat of animal, plant and microorganisms.

The forest represents one such site for the interdependent development of these different forms of life. It is therefore biologically significant because it allows for the space for the existence of such disparate forms of life. The forest also plays a sociological role in its function in human life as a place for habitat and resources, while generating a greater quality of life through the possibility of experiencing nature.


A good forestry program offers a combination of theoretical and practical work. It is important that experiential learning and a vast amount of fieldwork are emphasized in the curriculum. This will ensure that you have the necessary practical background to undertake the occupation you wish within forestry. It is therefore a good idea to find programs that will assist you in landing jobs as an intern. Many forestry programs actively help their students in finding such internships, which are excellent for acquiring experience and securing further work in the industry. Other programs will actively seek to find summer employment for their prospective students in the field.

A good forestry program will provide lots of possibilities for specific work. This may mean that you will be able to work as a private consultant for farmers with forests, or work in national parks with an emphasis on preservation and protection of the forest. You may also use this background to work with various environmental protection organizations, or become involved in industrial forestry. Forestry studies can also be taken as a first step toward a degree in the natural sciences.


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