How Do I Choose the Best Food for a Baby Shower?

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The food is one of the most important aspects of throwing a successful baby shower. To choose the best food for a baby shower, you will want to consider all other aspects of the event, such as how many guests will be attending, the time of day it is taking place, and if there is a theme or not. You will also want to consider whether you want to prepare the food for a baby shower yourself, or if you would prefer to have it catered. There are pros and cons to both options.

Generally, the first place to start when planning food for a baby shower is determining how many guests will be in attendance, and what the venue looks like, since this will help you determine the type of food you will serve. If it will be a small, intimate party with just a few guests, then serving a nice breakfast or lunch might be a good option. If there will be more than ten or fifteen guests, it will generally be much easier and more efficient to serve a variety of appetizers and finger foods rather than trying to plan and serve an entire meal.


You will also want to consider factors such as the time of day it is occurring and whether or not there will be a theme. For instance, the food served at a brunch or an afternoon baby shower will generally be pretty different than an evening party, which may be more like a cocktail party. If the day has a theme, such as a formal tea, for instance, this will also help to dictate the food. For instance, finger sandwiches and pastries may be served at a tea, but not usually at a cocktail party. When selecting food for a baby shower you might also consider preferences of the guests, and whether they generally prefer more casual dining or more formal events.

The question of whether you will make the food yourself or hire a caterer to provide the food for a baby shower is another big question. Generally, it is cheaper to make the food yourself, but it is more time-intensive and can require a great deal of effort, especially for larger parties. Thus, the number of people who will attend usually plays a large role in this decision. Many people find catering to be a great, simple way to get some excellent food, completely tailored to any themes of the party. Be sure not to forget the cake or other dessert options when planning a baby shower menu as well.


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Most of the baby showers I've been to have just been afternoon affairs with finger food, and I think that's the best idea. No one wants to go broke throwing a baby shower.

Finger sandwiches, cheese straws, cake and a beverage are really all that is necessary. However, one thing the article failed to mention is to make sure the foods are things the mom-to-be can tolerate. Even in late pregnancy, something that made the mom sick in her first trimester can still trigger nausea. For instance, the mom may normally love chicken salad, but got sick on it and still can't consider eating it. That's something to think about.

Along those lines, a fruit and raw veggie tray is almost always a good thing because there are no strong smells to make the mom queasy.

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