How Do I Choose the Best Folding Wardrobe?

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A folding wardrobe is similar to a flat-pack wardrobe in that the wardrobe comes in parts instead of being assembled at a factory or store, which greatly reduces the charge to the customer because there is less work put into the wardrobe. One advantage the folding wardrobe has over the flat-pack variety is that the folding wardrobe is made to be collapsed, so people constantly on the move will find this wardrobe makes it easier to get up and go. Building instructions, ease of assembly and disassembly, material and size are all considerations when purchasing a folding wardrobe.

Folding wardrobes are assembled at home after purchase so, if possible, read the building instructions prior to purchase to see how easy assembly will or will not be. Some wardrobes will require tools, such as a screwdriver or hammer, and may need more than one person to build. While some people are handy and will have no problem assembling a more challenging wardrobe, many people will opt for an easy-to-assemble variety.

After its initial construction, a folding wardrobe has to be able to be disassembled and reassembled. If a wardrobe is difficult to disassemble, then it won’t be as useful when it comes to moving. The same goes if reassembly is difficult. Find a wardrobe that is easy to bring down and raise. If moving is not a concern and price is the chief selling point of a folding wardrobe, this will not be as big of a concern.


Their foldable nature means most folding wardrobes aren’t made from hard substances; instead, they tend to be made from fabric with plastic or lightweight metal supports. More expensive models may come with some pieces made from hard materials, such as wood. Material is a question of taste and preference, though it also can influence the wardrobe's cost.

Size also is important, because the wardrobe is bought both to hold items and to be fit into a room. If a wardrobe is too small, it will not be able to hold enough items and will end up being a source of frustration instead of a solution. A wardrobe that is too large may not fit in the particular room and, thus, will not be useful. Measuring the room and being realistic about what you expect it to hold is the best way to find an adequate folding wardrobe.


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