How Do I Choose the Best Flower Vase?

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The two main things to consider when choosing a flower vase are the height and strength of the stems and size of the flowers. The number of flowers also plays a part; for example, displaying a single flower looks best in a bud vase. How the flowers are going to be displayed — usually tightly packed, in a half-circle shape, flared or standing straight — plays a part in using a specific shaped vase. Choosing the correct vase allows the flowers to look their best.

Evaluate the length and strength of the stems as well as the size of the flowers when choosing a flower vase. A bouquet of flowers with tall thin stems are best in a tall vase with an opening that curves inward so the delicate stems are braced. Flowers with strong, tall and thick stems typically look best in taller vases. A single flower with a tall stem, regardless of its strength, looks best in a bud vase.

A short flower vase is usually best for displaying a few flowers or fluffy flowers. To display only a few flowers with thin stems, such as a small bunch of daisies, a short vase with a narrow neck will help keep the stems from breaking. A short round vase balances out well with a few fluffy flowers, such as carnations or hydrangeas. A small bunch of short-stemmed tightly packed flowers looks best in a short square, round or cylindrical vase.


When choosing a flower vase, balancing the size and shape of the vase with the way the flowers are going to be displayed can accentuate their beauty. Rounded flowers, such as carnations and roses, often look best when displayed somewhat tightly packed and formed in a half-circle in a short to medium-sized rounded vase. Larger bouquets look best in a tall flared vase so it creates a wide display. Flowers that are cylindrical shaped and stand straight, such as tulips, look best in a cylindrical shaped vase.

The flower vase is not only responsible for holding the flowers, but for making sure they look as close to perfect as possible. Many will choose a clear or white vase as opposed to a colored one so the color of the vase won't clash with the color of the flowers or distract from their beauty. When purchasing flowers from a website or shop, it's typically best to choose the vase the business suggests — the floral designers usually supply the best option for showcasing the flowers.


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Post 4

@Jacques - Style sometimes out shines quality. I got my wall flower vases from my sister's wedding. She bought the flower vases for her wedding and then didn't want them after the ceremony. So I got to keep all of them.

They are beautiful cream glass vases. The wedding was big, so it's a matched set of eight vases. I have enough for every room in the house. I love putting bright red flowers in them. The colors are so wonderful together and always remind me of my sister getting happily married.

Post 3

@MedicineBall - I love white roses. They are all around my house. They put off a peaceful feeling.

The vases I got are actually very cheap tall flower vases. I found them at a thrift store for a few dollars each. I was surprised that I liked them because they are plastic flower vases and I usually have an eye for expensive home decor.

I thought about replacing them for expensive glass ones, but when I looked through the vases at the store -- I honestly couldn't find anything that I liked better.

Post 2

@zeak4hands - I went to a bunch of stores too. I wanted something that matched my decoration style. I wanted a dark colored vase with some kind of white or yellow accents.

I finally found the right vase -- a black one with Japanese writing down the side -- but I don't like any of the flowers I put in it. I settled for white roses, but I'll keep looking.

The vase came with a matched smaller single flower vase for the bathroom. It looks much better than the big one, so I might have to buy a few sets and only use the small ones. What a hassle.

Post 1

My mom looked for the perfect flower vase for months -- she wanted something simple. She wanted a plain round polished white vase. She looked through store after store and bought lots of vases that she didn't really like.

When we were out driving around in the summer -- we stopped at a garage sale. Among all of the books and fancy furniture they were selling was the perfect white vase.

It was a small round white polished vase. Mom asked the woman running the sale where they got it and they didn't know, since it had been in their attic for so long. So she only has that one perfect vase.

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