How Do I Choose the Best Flower Hair Piece?

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When choosing a flower hair piece, you should consider the occasion for which the hair piece will be worn, the availability of quality flowers, and the construction of the piece. Another thing to consider is the hair of the person who will be wearing the flower hair piece and whether the style and colors chosen will be flattering to the wearer. It is generally a good idea to work with a reputable designer or florist when placing an order for a hair accessory, and it is equally important to be flexible in case the flowers necessary for the construction of the hairpiece are not available.

One of the first choices that you may have to make when deciding on a flower hairpiece is whether you want the accessory to be made from real or fake flowers. A real flower hairpiece will generally be made by a professional florist, whereas fake flower accessories may be purchased from both florists as well as accessory shops and designers. Both types of flowers have advantages and disadvantages, so you should talk to the designer or florist about your concerns. A florist, for example, can let you know if there are generally problems with obtaining certain types of flowers so that you can choose blooms that are more consistently available.


Many people appreciate the beauty of real flowers and so may decide on a real flower hairpiece for very special occasions, such as weddings and important school dances. The two significant disadvantages to using real flowers are that the flowers themselves will eventually wilt, making the use of the accessory temporary. This also means that the fresh flower hair piece cannot be made in more than a day in advance and that its construction is subject to the availability of flowers at the time of its construction.

A synthetic flower hairpiece, on the other hand, has several advantages over the use of real flowers. The piece can typically be worn more than once, making it more cost-effective. In addition, because the availability of synthetic flowers is not subject to the whims of market prices or transportation difficulties, it is typically easy to secure the flowers of your choice prior to the creation of your accessory. On the other hand, a fake flower hair piece may lack the beauty of fresh flowers. Depending on where you live, you may also have difficulty finding artificial flowers of high quality. Without them, your hair piece may look cheap and may not complement the appearance of its wearer.

Before settling on a design for a hairpiece, you may want to show a sample or a photograph to the hairstylist of the person who will be wearing it. The stylist can let you know if the design will be flattering to the wearer or whether the wearer's hair is even suitable for the piece. Finally, ensure that the flower hair piece will match the clothing worn by its wearer. You don't want to pay for an expensive hair accessory only to find that it clashes with its wearer's apparel.


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