How do I Choose the Best Floral Curtains?

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To find the best floral curtains for your home, it's important to look at many different sets to discover the ones you really love. Floral patterns, even when small in scale, tend to make a strong style statement, so you should be sure that you'll want to live with the curtain design you choose. Don't feel limited to smaller prints if you love big flower graphics, but, as a general rule, the bigger the room size, the larger the scale of floral designs that can usually be used attractively.

Curtains with very large flower graphics on them tend to overpower smaller living spaces. They can add interest as well as coziness to larger rooms though. Placing dramatic floral curtains on architecturally attractive windows can be a good design idea, as it can make these the focal point of a room. Small flower graphics on curtains can help downplay windows if they aren't the room's most attractive feature. Having the wall color that these windows are on in one of the floral curtain's main shades can also help everything blend in together.


Using matching floral patterns in a room may work well, but you should take care not to overdo it. In a romantic bedroom, matching floral curtains on both the window and a canopy bed, plus using the same material on pillow shams, can be just enough to give the room dramatic focus. The rest of the room's fabrics such as a bed cover, rug and throw pillows should coordinate with the dominating floral material. If you are going to use the exact same floral fabric throughout a room, including the curtains, having a solid wall color can add much needed contrast.

When choosing floral curtains, think about how they'll look in the room. Sometimes, particular fabric colors will clash with wood or wall tones. Picking floral curtain fabric that brings out the most flattering tones in your woods and wall colors can be a good way of making your home look its best.

Since there are many different types of floral fabrics used for curtains, it's crucial to consider the overall effect. For example, some floral curtains are quite traditional in their design with realistic flower shapes and colors, while others are more abstract in their approach. Consider the overall feeling you want to create in a room, as this can help you pick the best floral curtain design for your living space.


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