How do I Choose the Best Floral Centerpiece Ideas?

Margo Steele

Exploring floral centerpiece ideas for an event should begin by considering the purpose of the event, its theme, if any, and the desired ambiance to be created. Other considerations are the size of the table on which the centerpiece will be placed and whether people will be seated at the table. The season of the year makes a difference, too. Fall flowers look out of place in spring, and vice versa. If the date of the event is close to a major holiday, that could also influence the design of a centerpiece.

Centerpieces are often tailored to a specific season or occasion.
Centerpieces are often tailored to a specific season or occasion.

A floral centerpiece for the head table at a wedding reception or a banquet should be low enough for guests to have an unobstructed view of each other. The arrangement should be low and wide rather than tall, while flower arrangements on serving tables can be taller. If the event is a wedding reception, flowers should be the same as those used in the wedding. Floral centerpiece ideas for non-wedding events can relate to the occasion or can follow a general theme with appropriate seasonal flowers.

Dinner parties may require a floral centerpiece.
Dinner parties may require a floral centerpiece.

When a reception or banquet involves a sit-down dinner with tables seating six to eight guests, floral centerpiece ideas should be the same as they would be for a private dinner party. Guests should be able to see each other in order to communicate. Flower arrangements should be either low enough for guests to see over them, or high enough so that guests can see under and around them. If the event is informal, simple, low flower arrangements are suitable; formal parties or receptions gain glamour and grandeur from flowers held aloft and out of the way in tall, elegant vases or epergnes.

Anniversary celebrations, class reunions and lodge or club events should follow the same recommendation regarding the height of flower arrangements. Floral centerpiece ideas should reflect colors, emblems or other details that are meaningful to the honorees or to the group. Plan for crests, dates or other important details to be displayed with the flowers. Experienced florists have a variety of craft materials at their disposal and are adept at creating custom trims to accent floral arrangements.

Dinner parties in homes usually call for more casual arrangements. Cocktail parties require an arrangement only on the serving table, and it may be anything that suits the space. Seasonal flowers in colors that complement the home and its style are always in good taste. Flower arrangements can be traditional, or they can be whimsical and fun. The choice is up to the party giver and his or her floral designer.

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