How do I Choose the Best Floor Tile Design?

Sheri Cyprus

You should put a lot of thought into choosing the best floor tile design since flooring is something that is used daily and the cost involved is an investment in your home's value. Ceramic tile and stone tile are durable floor choices that are extremely popular with homebuyers and suit many different home styles. When considering a ceramic or stone floor tile design for your bathroom or kitchen, it's a good idea to think about color, size and texture.

Porcelain ceramic tiles are a popular choice in heavily trafficked commercial areas as well as in homes.
Porcelain ceramic tiles are a popular choice in heavily trafficked commercial areas as well as in homes.

Unglazed ceramic tile is a much better choice for bathroom floors than glazed ceramic tile although it does require sealing to prevent being easily stained. The beauty of the natural clay texture shows through since the ceramic surface isn't covered with a liquid glass glaze, but more importantly unglazed tiles are safer. Although both glazed and unglazed ceramic tile are slip-resistant under regular conditions, the glazed type tends to becomes slippery when the tiles are wet. Since bathrooms are typically the wettest rooms in a home, a non-slippery floor tile design is crucial. A rough-textured stone floor such as slate can also work well in bathrooms to provide good looks plus safety from slipping.

Typically bigger tiles are used in larger rooms, although some people prefer the look even in a small bathroom.
Typically bigger tiles are used in larger rooms, although some people prefer the look even in a small bathroom.

Slate and unglazed ceramic floors also work well in kitchens, although glazed ceramic tiles can also be used here. A sealer should be used on unglazed ceramic floors or stains could be impossible to remove. If your kitchen has access to an outdoor sitting area, you may want to consider continuing the unglazed ceramic floor tile design outdoors. This type of tile usually wears well outside and using the same flooring inside and out can help create the look of a larger living space. Slate is a popular choice for kitchens as it's strong with a beautiful rugged texture and it’s less expensive than other stone flooring choices.

The size of tiles to use in your floor tile design should be based on your personal preference, but you should also consider room sizes. The general rule of thumb is the larger the room, the larger the tile. If you want to combine different sizes of ceramic tiles to form unique tile patterns in your rooms, it's a good idea to first make sketches of various possibilities and then take a look at some tile displays in flooring showrooms. If your design is complex, you may need a highly experienced flooring contractor to install your floor.

With all the color options available for floors today, it may be tempting to choose trendy or unique colors. Doing this should be carefully thought out since neutral colored floors tend to be preferred by homebuyers as they blend with many styles and color schemes. If the color is subtle or really suits the home it may be a good option, but in most cases it's better to have a neutral floor tile design and add color with painted walls and accessories.

Modern bathrooms use minimalist tile designs.
Modern bathrooms use minimalist tile designs.

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@ellaesans - There are also floor tile designers that you can consult with as well. There are several pieces of software as well. Floor tile design software can help you see how something is going to look before you take the plunge. I really like the floor tile design tools available online as well. Photo Shop has a lot of options in this department.


@empanadas - I appreciate Interior Design and everything, but sometimes I think it's overrated. I think in bathrooms floor tile design is very important. The same goes for Kitchen floor tile design because those two spaces have large impacts on your ROI, or Return On Investment, in the long run.


I study Interior Design and there are several different aspects to consider when you're doing any type of remodeling - not just floor tile design ideas. The first question you should be asking is whether you are going to be in this home for a long time or not. If not and you're preparing it for sale or preparing to stage it, you might want to go with something that's neutral and more appealing to a wider variety of clientele.


There are literally thousands of floor tile design patterns to choose from. Installing tile can also be difficult, but the good news is that there are a lot of new options out on the market not that are not only cost effective, but also look good and are easy to install.

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