How do I Choose the Best Flight Attendant School?

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There are four items to consider when choosing the best flight attendant school: admissions requirements, instructors, simulation equipment, and reputation or ranking. A flight attendant has a combination of hosting and safety responsibilities. On the airplane, the flight attendant provides assistance to passengers, serves meals and snacks, and provides leadership during an emergency. People who report the greatest satisfaction as a flight attendant are naturally outgoing, enjoy traveling, have a strong service orientation, and have a great deal of common sense.

Flight attendant training is usually arranged after an offer of employment is accepted from a specific airline. Although there are multiple schools offering airline-training programs, be aware that almost all airlines require all flight attendants to complete their internal training programs. Any prior training from a non-affiliated flight attendant school does not improve your chances to qualify for a position as a flight attendant with the airlines.

In order to qualify for admission to flight attendant school, you must meet the employment criteria. The requirements include the ability to handle and resolve conflict, at least two years experience dealing with the public, emotional and mental stability, and a clean criminal record. Each airline has its own physical requirements for flight attendants that indicate their height and weight must be in proportion according to a specific standard.


Review the qualifications of the course instructors at flight attendant school. They should be skilled, experienced professionals in their fields. Take the time to review the biographies and work experience of the course instructors. The airline industry is quite small, and it is in your best interest to become familiar with the instructors working for the airline. They may be able to provide advice and support that will assist you in your career.

As a flight attendant, there are specific safety procedures that must be completed. Aircraft simulation equipment allows students to practice their emergency responses during a variety of scenarios. This practice is invaluable in speeding up response time and ensuring the flight attendant is able to respond in an emergency. All staff involved in an emergency procedure must be over-trained, so that their responses are almost automatic.

The reputation of the school is very important when becoming a flight attendant. Several prominent magazines publish the rankings of the airlines each year. Marks are given based on quality of service, safety training, and support services available to staff. Review these details so that you are familiar with all the strengths and weaknesses of the flight attendant school.


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Where do I find what airlines are hiring?

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as a 21 year veteran flight attendant with two airlines, my advice is don't waste your money on schools. All airlines send you to their own training schhols after hiring. Any other training is a waste of time and money.

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this was a great resource for a couple of my friends who're interested in this field. we've had debates on flight attendant salary, but all our research has shown it's a great option.

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