How Do I Choose the Best Flea Tablets?

Crystal Cook

Flea tablets are an effective method for controlling fleas on your pet and in your home. Some pet owners consider flea tablets to be safer to use because there is no residue left on the pet's fur or skin. The type of tablet that you choose to use on your pet depends on the flea problem you have and whether you prefer a monthly or daily treatment. Some tablets break the life cycle of the flea, and others kill only adult fleas. Keep in mind that some tablets are safe for cats and dogs, and others are safe only for dogs.

A flea.
A flea.

One type of flea medication might not be the best for every pet. All flea tablets have limitations. Considering the fact that a single female flea can lay 20-50 eggs every day and that the eggs hatch quickly, it is easy to find yourself in the middle of a flea infestation. Getting rid of fleas does not mean just killing the ones that you see but also the larvae and eggs. Choosing the right flea tablets will allow you to have the amount of control you need while exposing your pet to as few chemicals as possible.

The type of tablet that you choose depends largely on whether you prefer a daily or monthly treatment.
The type of tablet that you choose depends largely on whether you prefer a daily or monthly treatment.

The way that the flea pills work is that the pill is ingested by the pet, the flea control ingredients enter the bloodstream, and the fleas eat the medication when they feed on your pet. Flea pills fall into two basic categories: ones that kill adult fleas and ones that keep larvae from spreading. Those that inhibit the larvae break the flea life cycle and prevent new fleas from reaching adulthood. Those that kill only the adult fleas kill the immediate pests but do nothing to prevent new fleas from maturing.

To choose the best flea tablets for your pet, decide whether you want a daily or monthly treatment. Flea pills that are designed for monthly use are larvae inhibitors and keep eggs and larvae from developing but will not kill adult fleas. Some types will also kill intestinal parasites. Daily pills work quickly but only kill adult fleas and last 24 hours. If your pet never goes outside, a monthly pill might be all that is necessary with the addition of a daily pill for special trips, such as to a dog park.

The best way to avoid a flea problem is to use daily pills in combination with monthly flea tablets. This will ensure that adult fleas are killed while also eliminating larvae and eggs. If you no longer see adult fleas on your pet and your pet is mainly indoors, you can use a monthly tablet. Fleas reproduce quickly, so it is important to always stay one step ahead to avoid an infestation.

Choosing the best flea tablets depends on whether the pet owner wants a daily or monthly treatment.
Choosing the best flea tablets depends on whether the pet owner wants a daily or monthly treatment.

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@Scrbblechick -- I have the same issue. One of my three doesn't do well with the skin drops. They're convenient, but they make him feel just awful. So I give him pills and dose the other two with the drops.

My vet recommended these pills, too. He said they rarely cause side effects and I can give half or a quarter of one to minimize the chance he will have a bad reaction to them. So far, he's tolerated them very well.

I'd say people need to talk with their vets before starting any flea treatment, especially for cats, since they seem to have adverse reactions to medications more than dogs do.


I have to be really careful about the flea medicine I use. I can't use any of the drops on one of my cats-- they make him feel very bad. He gets listless and even started drooling one day. So I give the tablets. Even then, and even though he weighs about 18 pounds, I only give him half a pill. But it works.

My other kitty was just covered in fleas and I gave him a whole pill. It made him wild four a couple of hours while the fleas came out and died on him.

I talked to my vet about flea treatment and she said this particular pill was the best one if you couldn't use the drops. They don't bother my second kitty, so I may get one dose for him and give my other kitty the pill. The fleas have been awful this year.

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