How Do I Choose the Best Flea and Tick Medication?

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People who have pets such as cats, dogs and other animals often use flea and tick medication to help rid their pets of fleas and ticks. Many also choose to use medications that provide protection over a measured period of time. With so many choices available, it might be difficult for to choose the right flea and tick medication for your pets. A variety of factors might be considered when choosing flea and tick medication, such as the animal's type, breed and size; what you want the medication to accomplish; what form you would like the medication to come in; ingredients and cost.

Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing flea and tick medication for your pets is the type and breed of your pets. Each medication is formulated for a different type of animal, and sometimes for a specific breed. Using the wrong medication might harm your pets, so it is important to consult a trained professional when choosing and purchasing this type of medication. Your pets’ weight will also be factored in to provide the appropriate medication and the proper dosage.

Flea and tick medications generally address different issues. Some include medication for heartworms, and others do not. Specific types of fleas or ticks are addressed by other types. When choosing which flea and tick medication is right for your pets, make sure that you know exactly what you would like treated, and acquire medication that covers all areas.


Another factor to consider when choosing your pets’ medication is what form you would prefer for the medicine. Medication might come in the form of a pill, an oral liquid, a liquid applied somewhere on the body, a spray or a balm. Not only should you pick the medication that you feel will be easiest to administer to your pets, you also should choose one that is appropriate for the animal. For instance, a balm might not be an appropriate choice for a long-haired animal.

The type of ingredients used in your flea and tick medication might be crucial to your pets’ health. Some animals have allergic or other unfavorable reactions to certain ingredients in flea and tick medication. Working with a trained professional, make sure that the medication for your pets does not contain anything that might harm them.

Cost is another factor to consider when choosing medication for your pets. There often are a variety of suitable choices at a variety of price points, so it is easier for an individual to choose the right medication for his or her budget. Many brands also provide consumers with coupons or free trial items to help alleviate the costs.


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