How Do I Choose the Best Firefighter Books?

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The right firefighter books can be essential in helping you learn about working in emergency services. When choosing books, the author's credentials can be important; someone with firsthand experience may provide more valuable information than those without. You may want different books if you are training for a firefighter exam than you would read to gain more information on the fire department. Firefighters or college instructors can often recommend books on various subjects relating to fire service.

Ideally, authors of firefighter books should have several years of experience in a fire brigade, along with some teaching experience. If the writer has both teaching and fire service experience, he or she could provide knowledge on the subject matter and present it in a way that is easy to understand. Many times, the author's biography is included on the back cover of a book, so you may want to read this information before making a purchase.


Some firefighter books might help you pass a written exam, often a hiring consideration for many departments. Exam administrators may be able to advise you on books to help you study for this test; your local fire chief can usually tell you how to contact these individuals. You may want to check with your local library to find out if there are any study guides available since they are generally free to access. If you simply want to learn more about fire equipment or firefighting practices, you could ask a librarian for reference material on these subjects. Many bookstores carry materials relating to fire and emergency services, and there is often a special section devoted to this where you could browse for informational books.

A number of colleges and technical schools offer degree programs in fire science, and instructors of these courses are typically familiar with different firefighter books. A professor in one of these programs can usually refer you to a reputable publisher who may have a number of books available on its company website. The college bookstore may have used textbooks for you to purchase at a discounted price. Since many firemen choose to further their education by studying fire science, they may also be able to recommend quality textbooks that can be helpful to you. Some may even be willing to sell you some of his or her own manuals at a discounted price.


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