How do I Choose the Best Fire Pit Table?

Jeri Sullivan

A popular way to enjoy your backyard is with a fire pit table. A fire pit table is designed to provide a flame for heat, cooking, and entertainment without requiring a sunken fire pit or fireplace. There are several different types of fire pits on the market and choosing the best fire pit table may be based on factors such as style, cost, size, and planned usage.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Though fire pit designs vary, the basic function is the same. All have a basin of some sort that the coal or wood is placed into. There is usually a tray underneath to catch ashes as the material burns. A fire pit coffee table may be designed similar to a traditional coffee table with an edge around the basin to set a drink or rest your feet. Other styles of fire pit tables look more like an end table and may be round or square with a pedestal base.

The style you choose is really based on personal preference and the style of the outdoor space. Since the materials used range from terracotta to copper, simply choose the style that fits best with your current decor. For example, if the house has a stucco exterior and the landscaping leans toward the desert style, a terracotta fire pit table would coordinate well. If the house is a traditional brick, a black wrought iron table may be better.

Cost is another factor to consider when choosing the best fire pit table. The materials used to construct the table and whether it is manufactured by a premium company affect the cost. For consumers on a budget, purchasing the fire pit in the late winter when they are on sale may be the best option. For consumers who want a specific style to match exactly with their other outdoor space, a custom designed fire pit table may be the way to go. By working with a landscaper and construction company, the homeowners can seamlessly incorporate the new piece into their current design.

Size and usage should also be considered when deciding on which fire pit table to purchase. If you have a large family or plan to entertain often, a larger table will be needed. If the table is going to be used for warmth and the climate is extremely cold, a larger table is needed than if the table will be used in warmer climates.

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