How do I Choose the Best Fire Pit Benches?

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The best fire pit benches will depend on your style, but for the best possible look you’ll also need to consider the size of your pit and the design of the benches. In terms of durability, choose benches made of resilient materials such as metals and sturdy woods. You can add visual appeal to your benches with cushions and pillows created for outdoor use. Keep in mind, you can purchase a fire pit kit that includes the pit, the benches, and sometimes other fire pit accessories. If can’t find the kinds of benches you want or you’d rather create your own, consider building DIY benches.

Before you start searching for the best benches, measure your fire pit. You want benches that will fit comfortably and attractively around your fire pit, as well as accommodate the number of people you plan to entertain. Depending on your pit and your personal style, this might mean purchasing large benches, small benches, or a mix of different sizes. Ultimately, the style is up to you. Keep in mind that most fire pit benches are designed with a curve to form a circle around the pit.


As you browse the different kinds of fire pit benches, think about efficient construction materials. For example, your benches should be made of durable materials that won’t fade, crack, or become weak due to exposure to the elements. This is especially true if you plan to leave your fire pit benches outside year round. Since your benches will be exposed to extreme heat from the fire pit, it’s also important the material isn’t flammable and won’t buckle or melt. Cedar, teak, and metal are popular fire pit bench materials.

You might also want certain accessories for your fire pit furniture. For example, some people prefer their fire pit benches have cushions, pillows, or other items designed to make the fire pit seating more attractive and comfortable. As with bench materials, you’ll also want to choose your cushion materials carefully. Select cushions made of durable materials that will stand up to all kinds of weather conditions and will resist mildew, tearing, fading, and stains. These items are available at most stores that sell fire pits and fire pit accessories.

If you haven’t yet purchased or built a fire pit, you might consider a fire pit kit. Most kits include the fire pit as well as matching benches. The number of fire pit benches depends on the kit you purchase, but some manufacturers might sell matching benches separately if you want more. You might also be interested in DIY fire pit benches. You can find information about building the kinds of DIY benches by visiting your local home improvement store, watching home improvement television shows, and visiting home improvement and DIY websites.


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