How do I Choose the Best Fiber-Optic Pool Lights?

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If you have decided to purchase fiber-optic pool lights, you may be surprised by the wide variety available. Before you buy, it is helpful to decide whether to get the standard white light, or the colored kind. You should also consider where you will put the lights, as they can go either under the water or along the pool's perimeter. Additionally, know that some fiber-optic lights come in different shapes, allowing you to get creative when adding light to the pool.

Many people assume that the only type of pool light available is kind that gives off the typical white glow. In most cases, this type does offer the most light, which is helpful for darker backyards that depend on the pool lights to provide any illumination. If your goal is to create a more playful atmosphere, however, it is advised that you purchase colored fiber-optic pool lights. These typically cycle through various shades, and also often have the ability to provide the standard white glow for a brighter or more serious environment, when desired. Look for lights that offer the choice of either being kept on one color or alternating shades at intervals.


It is also important to determine where you will place the fiber-optic pool lights. This type of light is considered safe to keep underwater, resulting in an interesting glow that can be seen both by the people in the pool, and those standing far away. Many people prefer such fiber-optic pool lights while they swim, since the effect on the shade of the water is often fascinating. On the other hand, you might prefer to light up the perimeter of the pool instead, offering an elegant look while allowing visitors to see the yard clearly at night. The strands of light usually blend in well with the pool's border when not lit up, and can accentuate an interesting pool shape when illuminated.

Another way to set your property apart using fiber-optic pool lights is to consider the various shapes available. Unlike most other types of pool lights, the fiber-optic kind can be found in the shape of stars, hearts, and spheres, to name a few. Many companies also specialize in customizing fiber-optic decorative pool lights, allowing you to get nearly any shape you desire. Choosing fiber-optic pool lights in different shapes can create a fun atmosphere, especially when combined with various colors.


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