How do I Choose the Best Fashion Knockoffs?

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Fashion knockoffs are less expensive versions of highly expensive items. They are not always legal in many areas so consumers have to tread carefully. Some places, such as China, are rife with fashion knockoffs, with few consequences placed on those who make them. Some countries have laws against selling a designer item under a false label, or with that designer label attached to the garment in some way, but not against selling an identical item without the name attached. It is important to investigate the legality of the item one is buying, although it is highly unlikely that police will ever challenge the veracity or legality of the item, or that consequences will be inflicted on the buyer.

Choosing the best fashion knockoffs requires close inspection of the item. For this reason, it is important to shop for fashion knockoffs in person, not online. This is particularly true if one is looking for a knockoff that exactly mimics the original. It is easy to get mislead online, but when the item is inspected physically, it is less likely that one will get swindled.


When choosing a fashion knockoff, the first place to look for quality is the construction of the item. If it is fabric, then the stitches used to sew the item together should be straight and clean, not be crooked or jagged. It is particularly useful to look at the stitching on areas that are not visible when the item is worn, such as the inside seams on jeans, as producers often cut corners on these areas.

It also helps to have a detailed knowledge of the original item when choosing fashion knockoffs. This helps when comparing details between the knockoff and the original. For example, a good knockoff bag will have the same interior fabric as the original, whereas a bad one may be unfinished on the inside. The embellishments used on the item, such as zippers or clasps, should also be the same. It's the details that speak to the quality of the item, not simply the print or construction used.

One way of getting around this problem of legality is to choose fashion knockoffs that have very similar designs but without the designer label. Many department stores stock less expensive looks that are inspired by expensive designs, some to the degree that without careful inspection it is difficult to tell the two apart. These more reputable stores are more likely than street vendors to have well-constructed items without any of the problems encountered when buying fakes.

There are some problems with fashion knockoffs. Items such as watches, or even clothing, can contain harmful chemicals because production is often not regulated. Also, the items may not last as long or function as well as the design from which they were copied. A person who wants a fashion knockoff typically knows what he or she is getting in terms of quality, so these may or may not be considered deterrents when taking into consideration how much less the knockoffs cost.


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