How Do I Choose the Best Face Exfoliator?

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There are many different types of face exfoliator products that can be used to slough off dead skin, helping it to appear fresher and smoother, as well as to prevent blemishes from clogged pores. Exfoliating cleanser may simply be used, which will generally contain granular pieces such as small plastic beads or sugar, among others, which helps to deeply cleanse skin. Other types of face exfoliators are cloths or cleansing tools that are used with additional cleanser to scrub the face and remove dead skin cells. A face exfoliator may be a manual brush, or it may be a powered brush that vibrates quickly -- similar to an electric toothbrush -- to help open the pores.

The type of face exfoliator you choose depends on the types of skin issues you have, as well as how much money you wish to spend. For many people with fairly normal skin that is not terribly prone to blemishes, a daily or even weekly exfoliating cleanser can be enough to keep skin healthy and free of pimples or blackheads. Others may find that they need to purchase something more if the skin is particularly oily or more prone to issues.


Exfoliating towelettes, for instance, are individual, single-use disposable towels that already contain cleanser. They are then simply run under the water and rubbed over the face to cleanse the skin and remove makeup. These may be comparably priced to simple exfoliating cleansers, and are easy to find in stores or online. Some people choose to just use these at the end of the day to ensure the skin is more deeply exfoliated before bed.

A face exfoliator in a brush form is another popular type. These too may be used every day, or just a few times a week, depending on the type of skin an individual has. A manual brush, which may be made of plastic, rubber, or natural materials, may simply be used with cleanser and rubbed over the skin. This helps to increase blood flow to the skin as well, which can make the skin look brighter and fresher. For people with very dry skin, this might be the best choice.

Powered face exfoliator brushes are popular as well. These are pricey, and as mentioned above, are similar in style to an electric toothbrush. These too are used with regular, not exfoliating, cleanser. Manufacturer's state that these products offer the most deep clean and exfoliation, especially for people with particularly problem skin. It may also help skin to better absorb moisturizer. Again, the face exfoliator you choose will depend on the type of skin you have and the amount you want to invest in such a product.


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@ocelot60- That is a great idea! I'll have to give it a try. I usually use a rough wash cloth with a little bit of face wash on it to exfoliate my skin. This method works in a pinch, but I can see how using a loofah would work much better.

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For an easy, inexpensive facial exfoliator, try using a loofah sponge. Simply soak it in water, squeeze out the excess, and rub it gently over your face in circular motions. This is a natural face exfoliator that also doesn't require you to add more chemicals to your skin to get good results. After several uses, you will find that your skin feels soft and smoother, and has a polished appearance.

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