How Do I Choose the Best Eyeshadow Trio?

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An eyeshadow trio is a pallet of eyeshadow that includes three different colors or shades of the same color of eyeshadow. An eyeshadow trio is a great solution for anyone who loves wearing eyeshadow but struggles with choosing shades that match or complement each other, because the three included shades or colors have been selected so that they already go well together. Some brands include an applicator or a brush to apply the eyeshadow with, while others require a separate purchase. Also, whenever you purchase makeup, keep in mind whether you prefer loose or packed powder, or if you have sensitive skin that may react badly with some ingredients.

The most obvious thing to look for when picking out an eyeshadow trio is the color scheme. Make sure the colors go well with your complexion. If the store does not offer a tester for the eyeshadow in your preferred color, it may be a matter of trial and error for you to find the right color for your skin tone, although you should already have a basic idea of what colors and undertones look flattering on your skin and which ones do not. It may be problematic if the color wears off, fades, or looks different after being worn for a while, as these can affect how it looks against your skin tone.


You might prefer an eyeshadow trio that includes one or two shimmery shades that shine slightly and highlight your eyes. It might be apparent just by glancing at the eyeshadow whether or not the makeup has any shimmery elements to it. A large amount of reflective shimmer may be better saved for the night time, while a light shine or shimmer may be understated enough to look appropriate during the day.

Some brands of eyeshadow blend more easily than others. This is important not only for the colors within an eyeshadow trio, but also if you choose to use an additional color outside of the trio's set. Eyeshadow that blends well likely has softer, more visually pleasing edges that are not a sharp contrast to the surrounding areas.

The price of the eyeshadow trio is, of course, another important factor. In some cases, you get what you pay for, meaning that more expensive makeups might last longer, stay brighter, and smudge less than cheaper formulas. Sometimes however, good bargains can be found that do not cost very much but still have most of the good qualities of the higher priced makeup items.


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