How Do I Choose the Best Eyeshadow Primer?

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Eyeshadow primer forms a base coat on the eyelids before eyeshadow is applied to lengthen the lasting-power of the make-up, and finding the best eyeshadow primer will take some trial and error. The investment in the product will improve the look and lasting ability of eye makeup looks. Primer will also help eyeshadows last longer as less product will be required during application. Choosing the best primer depends on your budget, skin type, and the color of the eyeshadow. It's important to test the product for wear time and creasing before investing in a full-size product.

Eyeshadow primer comes in several different forms. There are pressed creams in compacts similar to concealers. Creamy pencils are sold that can glide onto the lid and blend into the skin. Decorative tubes filled with a soft formula and an application tube are also an attractive option that you can carry with you.

The main purpose of an eyeshadow primer is to increase the staying power of an eyeshadow. Applied directly to a bare eyelid, eyeshadows can wear off before the end of the day. By enhancing the appearance of the eyeshadow, primers also decrease the chance of the lines that can appear when the shadow settles into the creases of the lid over time.


Your skin type is another area to take into consideration when choosing the best eyeshadow primer. Dry skin types will pair best with cream-to-liquid eyeshadow primers. These products will glide across the dry skin and keep the area moisturized throughout the day. Oily skin types may work better with the primers that apply as a cream, but quickly dry to prevent adding extra moisture to the area. Combination skin types can use either type of product.

The color options of eyeshadow primers vary from flesh-toned to neon hues. Neutral-colored eyeshadow primers are the most versatile, as they can work under any shade of eyeshadow. Bold-colored eyeshadows will become more vibrant when placed over a matching primer. Eyeshadows with glitter work best over a slightly stick base that will enhance the sparkles.

Application of eyeshadow primer depends on personal preference. Fingers, a concealer brush, a sponge, and the included application wand are possible methods of applying the primer. Disposable applicators should be used if the primer is used on more than one person. This minimizes the risk of spreading eye bacteria.

Testing various types of eyeshadow primer will help you to decide which is the best choice. Cosmetics counters often offer trial size versions of products or samples to inquiring customers. The product should be worn under a variety of situations to fully test its abilities. It should hold up under different types of eyeshadows and in warm temperatures.


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