How Do I Choose the Best Eyeliner?

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Finding the best eyeliner can be a difficult task because of the variety that is available to consumers. In addition, what works well for one person may not be as suitable for another. When choosing eyeliner, it is important to take into consideration aspects such as color, texture, and how long the liner lasts. There are also several forms of eyeliner available for those who prefer a liner to be applied a certain way.

Eye makeup comes in a variety of colors and styles which can make choosing the right liner difficult. One of the most traditional colors of liner available is black, which is seen as a versatile and wearable color. Black liner can be worn with anything, and individuals can make the color as deep or soft as they desire. Other colors commonly worn as eyeliner include gray, navy blue, deep purple, and brown. Although not as popular, bright colors such as pink, green, or yellow can also be worn for a more dramatic or fun look.


Many eyeliners are made to last longer than others and can often last for hours without needing to be reapplied. Long-lasting liners are ideal for those who plan to wear the makeup for a long period of time but do not want to keep applying it. They may also be a good fit for those with oily skin or those who plan on spending time in water. Although long-lasting eye makeup tends to stay on longer, it can also be more difficult to remove.

Swimmers or individuals who plan on getting wet can benefit from wearing a waterproof liner. Much like long-lasting eye makeup, waterproof makeup stays on the skin longer and is more resistant to smudging. Waterproof makeup is also the most difficult to remove, so a special makeup remover designed to remove waterproof liner may be needed to take it off.

There are different forms of eyeliner available, and each one differs in texture and application. The most popular form of eyeliner is pencil liner, which is also the easiest to apply for most. Liquid liner is available for those who prefer a more precise or dramatic line, but it is also more difficult to apply because of the texture and consistency. Gel eyeliner is also available, and like liquid liner, it can create a more intense line than pencil liner. Liner in the gel form typically comes packaged inside of a small pot and includes a long brush or applicator.


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