How Do I Choose the Best Eyelash Curler Refills?

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Buying eyelash curler refills is an inevitable part of using an eyelash curler to curl your lashes. To buy the best refills, start by looking for some that are made by the manufacturer of your curler and choose which type of material you'd like the refill pads to be made out of. After you have purchased the refills, simply replace the old pads with new ones.

When shopping for eyelash curler refills, check with the manufacturer that made your eyelash curler. Companies that make eyelash curlers can also make refills for them. Finding and buying refills made especially for your eyelash curler can mean that you have found a perfect match for your specific curler's dimensions. Beauty supply stores might have generic, less-expensive options available, however.

It's a good idea to buy eyelash curler refills that are made out of silicone. Rubber pads can be available, but silicone is durable and easily cleaned. Generally, eyelash curler pads should be changed about every three months. You might be able to use your eyelash curler refills for a longer time if they are made out of silicone and are cleaned regularly. Try to choose eyelash curler refills that are white so that you can tell just how dirty your curler pads are becoming after each use.


Placing eyelash curler refills into your eyelash curler can be a snap. All you have to do is dislodge the old eyelash curler pad from the curler using your fingers. If you can't seem to wedge the pad out, try using a pin or a pair of old tweezers. After you've taken out the old curler pad, slip a new one into the eyelash curler pad slot. The pad will likely naturally curl to one side; make sure that the pad lines up with the slot and fits easily into it.

You can press the curler's replacement pad into its slot using your fingers. Make a few adjustments to the pad's angle in the eyelash curler, if necessary. Close the eyelash curler a few times over the pad to make sure that the eyelash curler refill is set firmly into place. Use your new eyelash curler pad as you normally would.

If you find yourself shopping for a new eyelash curler, consider buying one that is already packaged with free eyelash curler refills. Eyelash curler packages like these usually market the curler refills and the eyelash curler as an eyelash curler set. Buying one of these bonus kits can take the hassle out of finding curler refills later.


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