How do I Choose the Best Eyelash Adhesive?

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When choosing the between eyelash adhesives, it is important to search for a product that will work well with the false eyelashes that are being applied without irritating the eyes or the skin on the eyelids. It is also important to consider whether the eyelash adhesive should be tinted or if, when it dries, it should be clear. Finally, consider whether the eyelash adhesive should be waterproof. Before applying eyelash adhesive directly to the eyelid, perform a patch test. Take a small amount of the product and rub it on the inside of the forearm and make sure that, 24 hours later, the product has not caused an adverse reaction on the skin.

Some false eyelashes come with eyelash adhesive that is formulated specifically for those lashes. As long as the product is satisfactory, it may not be necessary to purchase an additional bottle or tube of adhesive. In some cases, however, lashes do not come with eyelash adhesive or they only come with a very small bottle. There are a number of kinds of false eyelashes that can be worn over and over again, which means that they must be reapplied with a fresh coat of adhesive. In other cases, the kind of eyelash adhesive that comes with the lashes does not meet the wearer's needs.


Choosing between regular eyelash adhesive and a waterproof formula is a personal choice. Waterproof formulas usually hold up better in wet or humid conditions, and they stay in place better if the wearer's eyes begin to water or if she cries. The downside, however, is that the false lashes can be harder to remove when they are applied with waterproof adhesive. Regular adhesive makes it easier to remove the lashes, but it does not hold up as well in the various scenarios described above.

A final consideration when choosing an eyelash adhesive is color. In most cases, eyelash adhesive becomes clear when it dries, even if it is white when it comes out of the tube or bottle. There are other kinds of adhesive, however, that are tinted colors that blend in with colors that are commonly used to line the eyes. An eyelash adhesive that finishes with a black tone, for example, would work well for someone who is wearing black eyeliner and dark eyeshadow. Some people prefer tinted adhesive because they find that the version that is meant to be clear upon drying is still actually a bit white and must be covered with shadow or more liner.


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Post 3

@turkay1-- I can't think of any specific brands right now, but most of the high-end cosmetic brand eyelash adhesives work well and are gentle on fake lashes. I highly recommend avoiding the adhesives that come with lashes, they're usually very poor quality.

I use a waterproof eyelash adhesive that I get from a cosmetic store at the mall. It works great.

If you're not sure how to apply the lashes, the girls at the cosmetic counter can also show you. Applying more adhesive than necessary can make a mess and make the fake lashes unusable for the second time.

Post 2

I thought that black eyelash glue would be awesome because it would look like black eyeliner just above the eyelash. But it doesn't work that way, it's so much harder to clean because it's black. I'm going back to my clear eyelash glue.

Post 1

Is there an eyelash adhesive that comes off of the fake lashes once they have been removed?

I use fake lashes often and I have to throw them away after a single use because the eyelash glue damages the eyelash and does not come off. I'm tired of paying for new eyelashes. I'm willing to pay more for a nice eyelash adhesive that's gentle on fake lashes so that I can wear them 2-3 times.

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