How Do I Choose the Best Eyebrow Threading Classes?

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If you want to take eyebrow threading classes, begin by doing research on classes available in the area where you live. Threading is a hands-on technique, and it may be best to learn the art by taking a traditional class with an experienced teacher rather than trying to learn through video or online courses. If you plan to take eyebrow threading classes so that you can offer professional threading services, find out the licensing requirements in your jurisdiction, as you may be required to take additional coursework and obtain professional licensure in order to perform any type of hair removal service, including threading. Finally, you should consider the logistics of attending and paying for the classes.

In many cultures, eyebrow threading is taught within families as a typical grooming skill. In many Western nations, however, most people do not know how to use threading to groom brows or remove facial hair. Eyebrow threading classes are taught at cosmetology and aesthetics schools as well as in salons and brow studios. In addition, some teachers of threading will travel to conduct classes in areas where the technique is not normally practiced.


If you plan to learn eyebrow threading so that you can groom your own brows, you may have more flexibility in selecting eyebrow threading classes. Some salons teach classes, or you may be able to sign up for a continuing education class offered through a beauty school. Be sure to ask when registering for a class whether you need to hold a cosmetology or aesthetics license in order to enroll. Another option is to find a professional who may be willing to give you a private lesson. If you do already have a license to practice hair removal but are not yet trained in threading, find out whether any threading courses you take will qualify as continuing education hours for license renewal.

As many jurisdictions have laws regarding hair removal, you should be cautious about taking standalone eyebrow threading classes if you hope to become a professional eyebrow threader. The reason for this is that many jurisdictions require those who practice hair removal for money to be licensed as cosmetologists or aestheticians. If you don’t have either one of these licenses, simply taking eyebrow threading classes will not qualify you to legally perform this service. Instead, you should enroll in a government-approved course of study that will enable you to obtain an appropriate license.


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