How Do I Choose the Best Eyebrow Shape?

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Choosing the best eyebrow shape all depends on your facial shape and features. To start, determine the overall shape of your face; the most common are round, oval, heart, and long. Doing so will give you a good idea of how arched your eyebrows should be. Then, use a soft eyebrow or liner pencil to create a guideline for shaping. For precise results, you can use a stencil.

Though round and oval faces may seem to be similar, they both work better with different eyebrow shapes. Round faces are relatively equal in both width and length; this face shape tends to do best with a high arch, as it adds more definition. Your face is oval-shaped if your forehead is wider than your chin and your bone structure is comprised of soft angles rather than sharp ones. This face shape tends to work well with any eyebrow shape, although a soft, medium-density brow often looks best.

Heart-shaped and long faces both have an elongating effect on the face. A heart-shaped face is much like an oval shape, although the chin is typically smaller. If this describes your face, a soft, curved eyebrow shape will help to soften any sharp angles. Your face is considered long if your cheeks, jaw, and forehead are all the same width; this face shape tends to have a more prominent chin than others do. An eyebrow shape that is flat or only slightly arched tends to shorten the face, bringing it more in proportion.


Once you’ve determined what kind of facial features you have, you can begin creating your perfect eyebrow shape. First, figure out where your brows should begin by placing an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil vertically on the side of your nose, marking a line where your brow should start. To decide where your eyebrow should end, keep the pencil at the bottom of your nose and bring the top of the pencil in line with the outer part of your eye. Mark the spot where the pencil comes in line with your brows.

Next, move the pencil over until the middle is in line with the center of your eye, but the base of the pencil is still against the outside of your nose. Mark this point with the pencil; this is where your arch should be the highest. Now that you have the basic outline of your perfect brow shape, begin plucking. In general, it is best to pluck eyebrows with slanted, sharp tweezers. Start slowly, and stand back from the mirror after every two or three hairs plucked. This will help to prevent over-tweezing.

If you are looking to completely change your eyebrow shape, use a stencil after making your marks. Pick a stencil that will work well with your face shape, and use your pencil marks to line the stencil up above your eye. Using your pencil, outline your new eyebrow shape with the stencil. Then, pluck any hairs outside of the line to achieve the best eyebrow shape for your face.


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Post 3

Eyebrow shapes basically need to contradict the shape of the face. So eyebrows with sharp angles work for round faces and eyebrows with soft curves work best for long faces.

Post 2

@turquoise-- It might be a good idea to advise with an eyebrow designer. They know about which eyebrow shapes work best with which facial features.

If that's not possible, then I recommend getting a set of eyebrow stencils and trying them on. You may get a good idea by just holding them up to your brows and seeing the shape. Or use a white eye pencil to draw the shape of the stencil on your eyebrows to consider the shape and how it looks on your face. It's a good idea to select a stencil that's close to the natural shape an direction of your eyebrows because it will look the most natural.

After you have decided, you can use wax, tweezers or an eyebrow razor to remove the hairs that are outside of the stencil line.

Post 1

I've never shaped my eyebrows before but I want to because my eyebrows are very thick and unruly. My eyebrows are usually the first thing people notice when they look at my face and I've become very conscious about their appearance.

I have an oval face but I'm not too sure about a high arch. I guess I want to shape my brows but I don't want such a dramatic change in the natural shape that they look fake or overdone. I just want them a little thinner and growing in the right direction.

Which eyebrow shape should I go for?

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