How Do I Choose the Best Eyebrow Dye?

Gregory Hanson

Choosing the right eyebrow dye involves selecting a color that is flattering when used on eyebrows in a formula that lasts as long as necessary and that uses dyes or chemicals that meet a customer’s particular requirements. Getting just the right color in an eyebrow dye is crucial, as brows are difficult to color without making them look unnatural. Some people work around this problem by using temporary rather than permanent eyebrow dyes. Customers may also want to select dyes that are made without certain chemicals, or that employ natural ingredients, such as henna, instead of synthetic dyes.

Many people like to use a natural product like henna as eyebrow dye.
Many people like to use a natural product like henna as eyebrow dye.

The hair that makes up eyebrows is coarser than ordinary hair and does not take dye in the same way. This means that attempts to use precisely the same dye on both will often yield different results. The contrast between hair and brows produced by this process is not always flattering. Eyebrow dye products are specially designed and formulated to be used on the coarser hairs that make up the brows.

Henna can be used to make a safe, semi-permanent dye.
Henna can be used to make a safe, semi-permanent dye.

Packaging can be helpful in determining which color to choose. A certain amount of trial and error with temporary dyes can also aid in selecting a dye that looks good on the eyebrows. Many people use eyebrow dye to cover gray hairs or to match dye used in the hair and can afford to experiment with several closely-related shades until they find just the right product. Some dyes may require bleach, and these products should be used with bleaches that are specially formulated for use around the delicate portions of the face, so as to avoid the risk of injury. Some people may wish to lighten the color of their brows and can do this using bleaching agents, but they should apply them very carefully.

Eyebrow dye is available in permanent and temporary varieties. All dye fades over time, especially when washed or exposed to the sun. Temporary dyes fade very quickly, and some are even designed to wash out. This sort of temporary dye can be used to experiment with more outlandish color effects for special occasions, costume parties, or outings to night clubs and can be easily removed after those events have concluded.

Each variety of eyebrow dye uses a different mix of chemicals. In some cases, a particular chemical may irritate the skin of certain people, and these chemicals should obviously be avoided by those who are sensitive to them. Every person responds differently to the chemicals in these products, and a consumer should be aware of his or her reaction to a particular formulation. Some may prefer to use natural products, such as henna, as eyebrow dye either to avoid adverse reactions or because of a positive preference for natural dyes and products.

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I have a tip for blondes who want to dye their eyebrows. Never use the same color that you use on your hair. Not only is it not formulated for use on the eyebrows, but it will also look strange if your eyebrows are the same color as your hair. Eyebrow dye is the perfect product for this cosmetic fix.

Blondes should choose a light brown eyebrow dye. This color will look great because your eyebrows should be slightly darker than your blonde hair.

Another benefit of dying your eyebrows is that you will not have to spend much time filling them in with cosmetics each day. The effort to dye them is well worth it for the results!


@raynbow- Eyebrow dye is safe if you use it as it is directed on the package. Almost any product is harmful if you get it in your eyes. Even soaps and shampoos can cause issues, and it is common that people get these products in their eyes. When this happens with any product including eyebrow dye, rinsing it out quickly with cool water will help.

However, when it comes to using eyebrow dye, it is not difficult to avoid these problems. The dye package comes with clear instructions that will help you avoid any issues when you follow them closely.

Eyebrow dye is also thick in consistency, so it is easy to apply and is not likely to drip into your eyes. The key to avoiding problems is to follow the instructions and take your time to do the job right.


Is eyebrow dye safe to use? I have been wanting to give it a try, but I am concerned about putting harsh chemicals so close to my eyes.

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