How Do I Choose the Best Eyebrow Corrector?

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When choosing an eyebrow corrector, you may want to first visit an eyebrow studio to have your eyebrows professionally groomed and arched so that you can get a good idea of what you have to work with. Your primary considerations should be the condition and color of your eyebrows, which will dictate the types and shades of products that you will use to correct them. Other things to think about include your lifestyle and how much time you have to spend on eyebrow grooming each day. If your eyebrows are very sparse, you may also want to consider permanent types of eyebrow correction, including an eyebrow transplant or eyebrow tattooing.


If you have not recently undergone professional eyebrow shaping, it may be a good idea to pay for this service and get some expert feedback on your options. The brow specialist can arch your brows so that they flatter your face and provide you with a guideline as to how you should groom and color in your brows in the future. Take stock of your newly groomed brows. If they have gaps or sparse places, you will need to use an eyebrow corrector in those areas. If your brows are too light for your skin and hair, you should use an eyebrow corrector that can tint them to a more appropriate color. Eyebrow stencils are an option if you cannot afford professional eyebrow arching, as these can give you a good guideline as to where to pluck and apply eyebrow color.

A gel or liquid eyebrow tint that is applied with a brush may be your best bet if your brows are generally in good shape but need some color correction. This type of color corrector might be applied with a small, stiff brush or with a mascara wand. Eyebrow tints that are applied with a mascara wand can be a particularly convenient type of eyebrow corrector, as they are usually easy to carry in a purse for touch-ups during the day. If your eyebrows are sparse or you have patches of no hair along your eyebrows, you will generally need to resort to the use of powders or pencils.

Some people feel that eyebrow powders provide the most natural look to eyebrows, though others believe that it is the technique rather than the product used that makes the difference between an attractive eyebrow design and an unflattering one. Eyebrow pencils come in different consistencies, and some have a powdery texture that can look very natural. If you prefer to work with an eyebrow pencil because you like the control that it offers, seek out a powder pencil as your primary eyebrow corrector. Another thing to consider is whether the eyebrow corrector is long-lasting, particularly if you exercise, swim, or have a job in which you are exposed to outdoor elements on a regular basis. As such, you may need to try out several different types of eyebrow color before deciding which works best for you.


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Post 3

@fBoyle-- Have you tried filling in your brows with eyebrow powder? In my experience, this type of corrector looks most natural.

Post 2

@fBoyle-- Eyebrow tattoos may turn out to be a block color as well. But it also depends on the type of tattoo and the expertise of the artist. For example, there is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo technique that uses henna. It's very popular in Asia and I have seen some pictures online. I'm not sure if there are any tattoo experts in your area that do this type of tattoo, but it's worth looking into.

I recommend staying away from permanent tattoos. Although, tattoos do fade a little over time, a permanent tattoo is, well permanent. Whether you like the end result or not, you're stuck with it. Tattoos are risky because one is never entirely sure how it will look at the end.

Post 1

I have thick eyebrows but there are several small areas where the hairs are sparse compared to the rest of my brows. So it looks odd if I don't fill them in. The only issue is the eyebrow pencil does not look natural. It defines my eyebrows but turns them into a block color, which I don't want. Is there a way to correct my eyebrows without making them look unnatural?

And has anyone here tried semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos? Do they look unnatural as well?

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