How Do I Choose the Best Eye Wipes?

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Eye wipes are available for a variety of uses, including cleansing, soothing eye irritations, and eye makeup removal. There are also some designed specifically for use on pets. When purchased for human use, these cloths can be labeled as requiring rinsing or for no-rinse use. No matter what their purpose, this type of wipe should be designed to be non-irritating to the eye and delicate skin surrounding it.

One common use for eye wipes is to alleviate dryness and allergies. Both of these conditions can cause ocular discharge that must be gently cleansed from the eye area. Conjunctivitis, also called pink eye, may also cause discharge and discomfort. When wipes are used for treating a viral or bacterial infection like this, a new wipe should be used for each eye and disposed of immediately after use. Proper disposal reduces the chances of contamination.

Cosmetic eye wipes can be found in different strengths. Waterproof makeup, including mascara and eyeliner, may require a stronger cleanser for complete removal. These wipes frequently have an oil base for effectively removing waterproof cosmetics. This style of wipe should be placed on the eye area for a few moments and then gently wiped across the lid and lower eye area. Heavy rubbing or scrubbing actions should not be used on the delicate skin around the eye.

Packages of eye wipes can be purchased in dry or wet form. Dry wipes must be moistened with water before use. Wet wipes are conveniently packaged and ready for use. Individually packaged pre-moistened wipes can be beneficial for camping, travel, or other uses away from home.

Wipes that do not require rinsing can be useful for both general eye cleansing and makeup removal. Caution should be used when first trying different brands as some may leave an oily residue behind. A water source should be available in the event that rinsing is desired. Users should also ensure the product does not cause irritation after use.

Eye wipes for pets include those designed for removing stains around a pet's eye. These stains can come from ptyrosporin, red yeast, or bacterial infections. Also, a naturally-occurring substance in some animals' tears, porphyrin reacts to light and produces a brownish-red stain on the fur. General pet wipes are also useful for removing debris from around the eye area to help prevent irritation. Most pet wipes are designed for use on dogs, and product labels should be reviewed to ensure proper use and that product is safe.

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