How Do I Choose the Best Eye Makeup for Small Eyes?

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When trying to choose the best eye makeup for small eyes, it is important to keep in mind that in this case, less is more. Thickly lining the eyes with dark eyeliner, or applying a great deal of eyeshadow to the lid will simply make the eyes look smaller, and like you are wearing too much makeup. Instead, you want to use makeup to give the appearance that the eyes are bright, big, and open, and this requires a slightly different technique. The tools you will need to get the best eye makeup for small eyes typically include a few lighter shades of eyeshadow, including one "primer" color for a base; use liquid or pencil eyeliner, and mascara, as well as an eyelash curler.

Makeup experts generally recommend first applying a "base color" all over the eyelid, which is simply a skin-toned shade that creates a smooth palette for applying the rest of the makeup. You will probably also want to use eyeliner when looking for the best eye makeup for small eyes; unless you have very dark eyes and lashes, you may want to avoid black eyeliner, and go with a dark brown, dark grey, or navy blue instead. Line the eyes starting from approximately the middle of the lashes, right above and below the pupil, and out to the edge.


Applying eyeliner this way, rather than lining the entire eye, will help the eyes to look prettier and more defined without making them look smaller. When selecting the best eye makeup for small eyes, it is a good idea to choose a light, shimmery eyeshadow to use for highlights. This can be applied very lightly on the brow bone, just under the eyebrows, and in the inner corner of the eyes. It will immediately make the eyes look brighter and bigger. Some people don't use any eyeshadow on the lid, and others choose to apply a light color just above the eyeliner; this is up to you.

Mascara is the final touch when selecting eye makeup for small eyes. Again, choosing a dark brown, or brownish black color, can look more natural than a very dark black color, depending on your personal skin tone and hair color. Curling the eyelashes first with an eyelash curler can also help to make the eyes look bigger and more open. As a general rule, it is a good idea to apply mascara on the upper and bottom lashes; some people find that selecting mascara designed to curl the eyelashes can be beneficial as well.


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Post 4

I think that a pop of color looks great on small eyes, when it is applied sparingly. You choose what spots to intensify, and you stick to those.

I love using a teal green eyeliner. I start at the middle and extend it out past my lids a little.

I have a highlight shadow that is in the same color family as the liner, and I use it right above my eyeliner. I then use a silver shimmer shadow above my creases and in the corners of my eyes.

It brings out the green in my eyes and makes them look more intense. I think that using shades that really bring out the dominant hue in your irises makes small eyes much more noticeable.

Post 3

I have always heard that white eyeshadow is the best color to use when you want to make your eyes seem bigger and more open. I use a silvery white shimmer eyeshadow to accomplish this, and it helps make my small eyes seem like a prominent feature on my face.

I don't want to counteract the effect by using a darker eyeliner, so I stick with a silvery gray one. Since it is the closest to my eyes, it is very enhancing.

When I use this shadow/eyeliner combination, I can look awake even on my tiredest days. Dark eye makeup makes my eyes disappear into my skull, so I never use that.

Post 2

@shell4life – Small eyes actually need all the enhancement they can get. I think that mascara and eyeliner have the opposite effect on my eyes than they have on yours. Then again, I do have to use them lightly.

I have brown eyes, so I use a dark brown mascara to appear more natural. I wipe off the excess before brushing my lashes with the wand so that I don't get too much product on them.

Also, I use either a purple or brown eyeliner, and I smudge it ever so lightly. I don't want it to totally blend into my eyeshadow, but I don't want it to look too sharp, either.

Depending on what I'm wearing on a given day, I alternate between a light brown shimmer eyeshadow and a light purple one. Both are very reflective and sparkly, and this would make any eye seem brighter.

Post 1

Wow, it sounds like using all that makeup on small eyes would overwhelm them! Mascara, eyeliner, and shadow sound like a bit much.

I have big eyes, so I really have no idea how to use makeup on small eyes. I do know that when I apply eyeliner, it tends to make me look sleepier, and when I put on mascara, it appears that my lashes take up more space than my actual eyes.

How do people with small eyes avoid loading them down? If they apply these three types of eye makeup at once, how can it make the eyes seem bigger?

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