How Do I Choose the Best Eye Makeup for Grey Eyes?

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Grey eyes are the most rare eye color in the world, but they are also the most versatile, as grey eyes can be highlighted and accentuated by a wide variety of eye makeup colors. When choosing eye makeup for grey eyes, an individual should take her skin tone into consideration because certain colors look better with warm skin tones than they do with cool skin tones. Choosing the best eye makeup for grey eyes will also be affected by whether the eyes have green, gold or blue flecks, or are more blue/grey or green/grey than pure grey. Using grey eye shadow is one nearly foolproof way to accentuate grey eyes, but make sure make sure the eye shadow is either a much darker or much lighter shade of grey than the iris of the eye. Also, women with grey eyes don’t have to avoid brown eye makeup, as deep, rich browns can actually enhance grey eyes.


Before choosing eye makeup for grey eyes, first consider the skin tone. Someone with a cool skin tone, meaning her skin has a blue or pink undertone, will look better in cool colors, which can really make grey eyes stand out. Choose black or dark grey eyeliner and mascara. When selecting eye shadow, stick with cool colors like blues, purples, and greens. Grey eye shadow can really make grey eyes stand out, but make sure the eye shadow is a much lighter or much darker shade than the iris. Eye shadow that’s too close in color will make grey eyes look dull and washed out instead of bright and vibrant.

Someone with a warm skin tone, meaning her skin has an olive or yellow undertone, will look better in warm colors like browns, yellows. Metallic colors, like bronze, gold, and copper, are also flattering on those with grey eyes and warm skin tones. Choosing eye makeup that has a shimmer, sheen, or sparkly quality will also help to enhance grey eyes. Also, instead of black eyeliner and mascara, a woman with warm skin tones should try dark brown instead.

When choosing eye makeup for grey eyes, don’t just focus on enhancing the grey of the iris. Also consider the flecks of blue, green or gold that are also present. People whose grey eyes have blue flecks, or whose eyes are more blue/grey than pure grey, should consider using blue eye shadow and eyeliner to enhance those features. Eyes that have green flecks or are green/grey can be accentuated by green eye shadows and dark green eyeliner. An individual with gold flecks in her grey eyes should try warm, metallic eye shadows and eyeliners.


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Post 2

What if I want to down play the blue and green flecks, and draw out the grey?

Post 1

Gray eyes always look good with a lilac or burgundy eye shadow and a black eyeliner, to me. The black eyeliner really makes the eyes pop.

Women with gray eyes really do have a huge range of eyeshadows to pick from, since so many shades work well with their eyes. They can also color-coordinate their eye makeup with what they're wearing and this can also be a very effective look that draws attention to their eyes.

The one caveat is to be careful with mascara. Too much can seem to overwhelm gray eyes and hide them rather than show them off.

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