How Do I Choose the Best Eye Hospital?

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When choosing an eye hospital or clinic, consider the expertise of the physicians and staff. Recommendations from associates, friends, and your primary care physician can also help you choose the best eye hospital. For a child with an eye injury or disease, be sure the clinic or hospital has a pediatric staff of experienced ophthalmologists. Inquire about costs and whether your eye care will be covered by your insurance plan.

Before deciding on an eye hospital, check for ratings. The facility should be rated highly for safety and have a record of successful surgical procedures. If there is a low success rate, or there have been questionable incidents regarding safety issues at the eye hospital, look elsewhere.

If you have a rare eye disorder, you'll want to choose a team of specialists with experience in treating your type of eye condition. Make inquiries at the hospital you're considering. Schedule appointments with physicians to determine if this is the best hospital for your care. The eye doctors should find time to answer your questions without making you feel rushed.

Consider the environment of the eye clinic you have in mind. It should be neatly organized and free of clutter, immaculately clean, and comfortable for patients. The personnel should be pleasant and accommodating, and staff should dress and speak in a professional manner. In addition, try to learn more about the history of the eye hospital, such as when it was first established.


Another aspect you need to be concerned about is whether an eye hospital does periodic evaluations to determine areas that need to be improved. This may relate to patient and physician relations or patient satisfaction. An eye hospital should also meet high standards for routine equipment inspection.

You should also consider the equipment and devices used at eye clinics and hospitals. Choose a hospital that uses the latest in eye care technology. Cutting-edge technology is not only available in metropolitan area eye hospitals. Some eye hospitals in small towns may also use the latest medical equipment for state-of-the-art eye care.

Good post operative care is essential when choosing your eye hospital or clinic. After an eye procedure, the patient should be instructed on post-operative care instructions, as well as being encouraged to schedule a follow-up appointment. Instructions should be clearly written, and the patient should have access to a 24-hour emergency phone number.


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