How do I Choose the Best Expungement Attorney?

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When you are trying to choose the best record expungement attorney, you may start by making a list of expungement attorneys in your area and checking to make sure they are licensed to practice in your jurisdiction. Then, you may compare them based on their experience with expungement cases and their reputation for obtaining satisfactory outcomes. You may also consider the cost of legal fees when you are trying to select the best attorney. It may be best, however, to compare attorneys based on their experience and reputation first and save cost comparison for last.

One of the most important parts of choosing the best expungement lawyer is making sure the lawyer you choose is licensed and experienced. Likewise, you may check with the lawyers you are considering to make sure they not only are experienced with criminal law cases, but also with handing record expungement cases in particular. In many jurisdictions, you may only have one real chance to have a criminal record expunged. As such, you will likely want to make sure the expungement attorney you choose is well versed in expungement law.


You may also consider reputation when you are trying to choose an expungement attorney. Record expungement isn't always clear-cut, and you are not guaranteed that a judge will agree to your record expungement request. As such, you may feel more comfortable hiring an attorney who has a good track record for getting records expunged, especially records involving the type of crime for which you were arrested or convicted. While this doesn't mean you will necessarily win, having an attorney with a reputation for success may help to boost your chances.

Costs and lawyer contracts are also issues that may influence your decision when you are trying to choose the best expungement lawyer. If you do not have a large budget for paying legal fees, choosing a less expensive lawyer may be a priority. In such a case, you may do well to compare lawyers according to experience and reputation, and then reduce your list by choosing the lawyer with the lowest legal fees from among those you believe are suitable for the job. You may also work to keep costs low by choosing an expungement attorney who offers a flat rate or agrees not to charge you if your request is denied.


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