How do I Choose the Best Ergonomic Drafting Chair?

H. Bliss

When choosing the ideal ergonomic drafting chair, you can narrow down the options by identifying specific features you want in a drafting chair. Differences among ergonomic drafting chairs include chair adjustment options, chair upholstery options, foot rest types, and the kinds of cushions used in the chairs. Once the desired ergonomic features have been determined, you should go to a store with your drafting chair choice in mind to make sure that the chair you choose is a quality, durable piece of furniture with features and adjustment levers that work well.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Determine the type of upholstery that would be the most comfortable in the setting in which the chair will be used. Types of fabric used for ergonomic drafting chair upholstery include leather, vinyl, and fabric. Though leather can give a chair a more polished, professional look, it can also get sweaty in an office with little air conditioning. The cost of a true leather chair can be prohibitive, and cheap leather chairs made of reconstituted scrap leather do not have the durability of high-quality leather. Fabric, including mesh upholstery, can be a more breathable option for a drafting chair.

Ergonomic drafting chairs differ from ergonomic office chairs because they are raised up to allow the user to easily access a drafting table, which sits much higher than an office desk. Features that make an office chair ergonomic are often similar to ergonomic features on drafting chairs. The more adjustments there are available on a drafting chair, the more likely it is that the chair will offer an ergonomic position for the user. Another feature to look for is smooth adjustment of the chair positions, so you can lock the chair into any position instead of having limited positions that the chair can lock into in incremental settings.

An ergonomic drafting chair can be called an ergonomic drafting stool because typically, an ergonomic drafting chair is high up like a stool, but with an adjustable back for support. Because it helps you keep an ergonomic posture, the positioning of the back rest on an ergonomic drafting chair can be vital in an ergonomic setup. The back rest must stay put in the position in which it is set, and must not wobble like it has loose screws or attachments.

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An important part of choosing a drafting chair is visiting a store and sitting in the chair. Avoid ordering a drafting chair without trying it out, as you may not be happy with the size, shape, and other aspects of the chair that cannot be seen online. It may also help to search for online reviews of the drafting chairs you choose to identify potential benefits or problems with certain models of ergonomic drafting chair.

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