How Do I Choose the Best Epilation Cream?

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Choosing the best epilation cream is usually a matter of determining what, exactly you want the cream to do, the sort of hair you are targeting, as well as what options are available in your area. People typically use these creams to either cleanse and soften hair before removal or to soothe it once removal is complete. Some creams can do both, but most tend to be best at one or the other. The epilation process basically pulls hair out from the root. It’s often more effective than shaving or using a hair-dissolving lotion like a depilatory, but it can be irritating. Most creams designed for use with an epilator can be used pretty much anywhere on the body, but particularly sensitive areas like the face and genitals often need a lighter touch. Looking out for extra mild products might make sense if either of these areas are your targets.

Epilation Generally

During epilation, hair is removed from below the skin. There are many different ways epilation can be performed, including waxing, threading, using an epilator, or with the use of lasers.


Epilation is usually very effective, but it can also be a bit painful. Users often report a pinching, burning sensation, and bumps and irritation are common at the removal site. One of the best ways to prepare skin for epilation is to use a special cream that will moisturize and clean the area, which can lessen the chance of ingrown hairs and irritation. Similarly, creams used after the process is done can help prevent against redness and pain.

Look at the Options

To choose the best epilation cream, you first need to determine which part of the hair removal process you're most interested in addressing. Once you've decided why you want the cream, you'll want to consider what ingredients are included and what part of the body you plan to use it on. Some creams are all natural, whereas others contain a lot of different chemicals and ingredients that may cause allergic reactions.

Cleansing and Softening

Some of the most popular creams are used before epilation to clean the skin and soften it. For best results, you should make sure that your skin is completely dry before most methods of epilation are used, so you will probably want to choose a pre-treatment cream that is designed to be absorbed quickly. Even still, it may be necessary to pat the skin dry after application.

Soothing Properties

After-epilation creams are designed to soothe the skin once the hair has been removed. If this is your goal you may want to choose a cream that contains ingredients like tea tree oil or aloe vera that help cool the skin and reduce redness. A cream that contains an antiseptic, which many help heal the skin if it’s been irritated by the hair removal, might also be a good idea. Additonally, you might want to consider creams that contain ingredients that slow the regrowth of hair. This can help prevent ingrown hairs and toe reduce the frequency of your epilation sessions.

When Hair Removal Is the Goal

If you are looking for a cream to actually remove hair, you'll typically be choosing a depilatory, which dissolves hair from the surface of the skin, rather than a epilation cream. Choosing the best depilatory cream is a different calculus entirely. You'll want to look for one designed for the particular part of the body that you're treating, and you should pay attention to the ingredients to watch for common irritants. Some people are very sensitive to the harsh chemicals in most depilatories, so you'll want to patch test before using one. There are creams available that contain fewer chemicals and may be more appropriate for sensitive skin. You may also want to choose a cream that contains moisturizers, especially if you have dry skin.


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