How do I Choose the Best Engine Degreaser?

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An engine degreaser is a cleaning product used by an automobile mechanic to remove grease and grime from engines. Choosing the best degreaser typically depends on the engine that needs to be cleaned and the placement of the motor in the car. Good degreasers create a foaming effect on the motor, which is easily rinsed with water. This helps break up and remove dirt and oil deposits from the metal surface of the motor.

Most degreasers come in either foam or aerosol spray cans. A good engine degreaser will remove dirt and grime from metal objects by lifting the dirt through chemical reactions with the oil and dirt on the motor. There are a few environmentally friendly engine degreasers available on the market today. These products are typically made from organic materials and are considered less harmful to the environment. Most of these products include degreasing agents that are less corrosive than typical engine cleaners.

Engine degreasers are available in both large-volume containers and small cans. They are applied with special paint sprayers or smaller aerosol cans. Most single cans are fairly affordable and provide adequate cleaning agents to clean one entire engine. Larger quantities are available for professional automobile shops but are typically unnecessary for a home mechanic.


The chemicals used in a typical engine degreaser can be harmful to humans, especially the skin, eyes, and lungs. Special precautions should be taken when using this product. This safety equipment includes gloves, eye protection, and face masks.

Degreasing an engine is a simple process that requires a standard water hose and an engine degreaser product. First, the chemical is sprayed on the engine area, where it loosens the oil and dirt from the motor. After a few minutes of foaming, the motor can be sprayed with water, which removes the oil and dirt from the metal surface.

Single can degreasers typically include a long straw nozzle to help reduce the fumes caused when spraying the product. The straw device makes it easier to spray the cleaning agent onto the motor. This type of engine degreaser is better for tight engine compartments.

Engine degreasers are also known to be extremely flammable. It is best to use these products in a cool, well ventilated areas that are free from electricity and sparks. If a fire is started with this product, it should be treated as a chemical fire, which requires dry powder or foam extinguishers.


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