How do I Choose the Best Energy Healing School?

Brandi L. Brown

Healing energy encompasses several healing therapies and modalities, including Reiki, reflexology and meditation. Energy healing is a combination of science-based information about the body and a spiritual belief system about the universe’s energy. Finding an energy healing school with beliefs compatible to your own is vital. When considering a healing energy school, you should examine the courses offered to find out about the instructors, the cost, the community and the curriculum available.

Healing schools typically teach classes in reflexology.
Healing schools typically teach classes in reflexology.

First, find out information about the instructors. Some healing therapies, such as acupuncture and cranio-sacral therapy, require licensing from a government agency in the area. Instructors will need to meet certain requirements to teach these courses. Other options at a healing energy school, such as Akashic records reading, have no government oversight. Ask about the instructors’ educational and practical experience.

Under the principles of reflexology, every organ is thought to have a corresponding pressure point on the foot or hand.
Under the principles of reflexology, every organ is thought to have a corresponding pressure point on the foot or hand.

Another consideration when choosing the best healing energy school is the expense of the courses. At some schools, basic courses can cost $100 US Dollars or less for a one-day seminar, but other schools might require several seminars, each at a hefty price, for the same information. Requesting information about the cost to complete the series will help you determine the final cost. Becoming a Reiki master, for instance, will require several courses.

A major component of being in the energy healing community is connecting with others who share your belief in and knowledge of energy therapy. When you are researching the best energy healing school, find out what types of events the school hosts for former students and how well attended these events tend to be. Energy shares, in which several healers all work together to create a positive energy space, are common. Another possibility is discounted tuition for future energy healing courses, which will help you expand your knowledge. Many instructors and school administrators work to make sure that students remain connected to the school even after their course is complete.

The curriculum of any given energy healing school should be available for you to preview before attending the course. If the instructor uses a textbook, find out the book name so that you can check reviews before enrolling. Also ask about the lineage of the energy healer’s training; you can use this information to find references for the instructor’s mentors. Take the time to compare each energy healing school’s curriculum with others in the area to find out which one offers the most comprehensive education for future healers.

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