How Do I Choose the Best Endodontist?

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Those who wish to choose the best endodontist would be wise to get a variety of referrals, and glean information from the front office about the dentist’s background, specialty services, and billing procedures. It’s also important to attend a consultation with one or more endodontists, as this allows patients to closely inspect the office and get an impression of front and back office staff. With this information, the patient may narrow down the list to the specialist who appears to be the best fit.

The search for the best endodontist begins by generating a list of referrals from other people. Ask friends or family if they can recommend someone and get your primary dentist’s opinion. Patients with insurance should also check if there are any endodontists contracting with their insurer, since using these dentists may result in significant savings. There are also numerous Internet articles, often produced by newspapers, which list popular dental specialists in a specific geographic area.

While articles from unbiased sources are useful, think carefully about the quality of information from sites that grade doctors or dentists. These are called volunteer or self-selected surveys, which means they tend to only be filled out by people who feel very strongly about an experience with an endodontist, one way or the other. They are unlikely to reflect the average opinion and will generally relate only the best or worst opinions about any discussed specialist.


Most dental specialists are unlikely to consent to a long interview with prospective clients. Therefore, patients who are trying to choose the best endodontist should get some basic information about the practices of the office by either talking to the front desk employees or reading website information produced by the office. Some things to ask about include the dentist’s years in practice, special services like sedation dentistry, and the flexibility of payment options. It may also make sense to find out how long it takes to get an appointment for basic or emergency needs.

Once the list of potentially best endodontists is further narrowed, patients should think about having a short consultation with each specialist. This visit requires plenty of observation on the patient’s part. Some things to look for include friendly front and back office staff, a very clean office, and the degree to which other patients appear to be treated well. At this appointment, people can also ask for references from other patients, though if the dental office is distributing them, they are likely to all be biased in favor of the endodontist.

When actually speaking with the endodontist, personal impression is equally important. Look for specialists who appear caring and who listen to and take patient concerns seriously. Patients who experience any nervousness, suspicion, or dislike should honor those feelings by choosing another specialist. On the other hand, extremely nervous patients sometimes have a negative impression of the dentist because they’re worried. Bringing along a friend or family member who is less nervous can correct any impressions attributable to fear.


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