How do I Choose the Best Enamel Dishes?

S. Gonzales

Choosing the best enamel dishes will be largely up to your preference. The main benefit of selecting these dishes is that they are extremely durable. Finding enamel dishes, however, can be difficult, and you might have to search for them at yard sales or on the Internet. Select an enamel or enamel-coated dish based on your personal cooking needs.

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Woman posing

The obvious advantage of using enamel dishes is durability. Dishes made of enamel have a reputation of being virtually indestructible. Your enamel dishes might be able to withstand more tumbles and spills than your glass or porcelain dishes, but dishes made out of enamel are also susceptible to wear and tear. Enamel can chip if handled roughly, and such cosmetic defects are common with these types of dishes. Chipping often correlates with the amount of use that the plates are put through, so if you plan on using enamel plates regularly, be prepared for possible chipping.

Finding perfect enamel dishes might be challenging for you. Many consumers have trouble coming across dishes made out of enamel in normal stores. You might have to get creative if you want a wide variety from which to choose. Checking yard sales or websites might be the answer if you want to find vintage enamel dishes or customize your dishes' appearances. Customizing enamel dishes, however, can be a little expensive.

Choosing cooking ware with enamel coatings can be beneficial to you. Pots and pans that have been coated with enamel are more resistant to rust than their alternatives, and they do not require seasoning like bare cast iron. Cleaning can be easy and made efficient because of the slickness of the enamel. Know that dishes and cooking ware can have enamel coatings or can be made entirely out of enamel. You might want to choose enamel-coated cooking ware because cast iron that has been coated with enamel can better distribute heat along the dish during cooking.

While shopping for enamel dishes, it's important to select dishes that meet your needs. Rest assured that these dishes come in many sizes and shapes, and you won't be stuck using a dish that is too large or small. Take into account how you plan to use the dish before making a purchase. For example, if you're looking for cooking ware that can roast meats, try looking for a roasting pan made out of enamel that can do this for you.

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